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New World Order

For Tristan Hart, conflict means one thing: money. Raised and trained as an elite mercenary by Institute VI, nothing else has ever mattered. Emotions were for the weak, not the successful. One job too many, and Tristan finds himself treading a dangerous line between the Federation and the United Separatist Coalition – a revolutionary group looking to protect the people. Buried neck-deep in politics, forced to see the world for how it really is, Tristan is forced to find his place in the impending uprising and decide which side is worth fighting for. Whether he likes it or not, there’s no place for the impartial. Not anymore. New World Order by Robert Slaughter and Jerry Brown is an action-packed, sci-fi adventure filled with politics, betrayal, and just a splash of romance.

In this book, Slaughter and Brown do a masterful job of creating an exciting and vast world filled with many different characters with conflicting needs and ideals. In a provocative and clever story, the authors know how to hold their audience’s attention with every word. I found myself holding onto the edge of my seat, unsure about what would happen next but excited.

The world-building is extensive and detailed, transporting readers into the action and giving them a complete understanding of what the characters are up against. The story is a breath of fresh air adding new twists to traditional sci-fi tropes. Readers won’t know what to expect next or who to trust. The pacing is wonderfully done, the story is interesting, and the characters are diverse and fun.

New World Order is a thrilling science fiction novel that has non-stop action. The adventure that the readers are taken on is filled with suspense as they wait to see what the next twist in the plotline is. I recommend this book to someone with a deep love of complex science fiction novels. As a long-time sci-fi fan, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I can’t wait for more from Slaughter and Brown.

Pages: 454 | ASIN : B09X6PTPTV

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