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The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers – Book Trailer

To the taxi drivers, and all those other immigrants, who have enriched our knowledge and our culture and day by day continue to do so …

Discover what the The Ten Commandments of St Fiacre and the 10 Commandments of Road Safety are all about. Discover the lives of taxi drivers: hidden in plain sight, here, there, and everywhere – sometimes, invisible! Learn the history that created taxis, Hackney carriages and all. Consider their urban setting with case studies and interviews from Milton Keynes. And, taxi drivers: who are they, where are they from, how did they get here? Trials, traumas and triumphs. What is ‘The job’ what is ‘The Knowledge’. What’s new? All this, only on Uber! Earnings… and much more.

This book uncovers the hidden depths below simply urban living and then leads the reader into further inspiring knowledge about the ‘real me’ behind the taxi driver. Who would believe that an accurate, meticulous account of a down-to-earth subject like taxi drivers in Milton Keynes would lead into the deeper fathoms of the human soul and of what lies beyond.​ Your view of the familiar streets will be transformed!

A book from Ruth’s Trilogy: Tales of the City, The Hidden Musicians and The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers – with their focus on the City of Milton Keynes

The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers

The Hidden Lives of Taxi Drivers, a Question of Knowledge, can be described in one word enthralling. The author is enthusiastic when narrating; the tales she shares are mesmerizing. In just a few pages, you can live through dozens of cabbies’ lives and experience life on the road. Ruth Finnegan writes her stories in a manner that makes the reader engrossed. As a result, this book is both entertaining and enlightening. As a reader, you learn that every industry is unique and how committed the stakeholders are. The taxi business has existed for ages, and Ruth Finnegan helps the reader compare this means of transport to others.

I like that the author discusses the various forms of taxis. She writes about early methods of transportation, how kings in ancient empires traveled compared to commoners, and how taxis were perceived to be luxury by some not long ago. Ruth Finnegan writes about traditional taxis, their role in the transportation industry, and the effect of modern online taxis like Uber and Bolt. Reading through the well-researched discussions gives one a sense of realization. Not many people understand the dynamics of the taxi business, and the author’s notes help clarify some of the misconceptions. No matter how trivial a topic may appear, the author manages to bring life into the discussion.

In this fascinating book, you will virtually travel with taxis in various United Kingdom cities like Cambridge, Belfast, Milton Keynes, and Birmingham. The lives of taxi drivers are interesting, and the author is inspiring with the stories. In her unique way, Ruth Finnegan pays homage to taxi drivers through her book. She also encourages readers to appreciate their cabbies and give them the respect they deserve, as the profession has a few challenges. I appreciate the author for the facts, research, and, my favorite, the pictures, maps, and illustrations. I enjoyed going through the images, as they made the book more appealing. One could tell that taxi drivers worldwide could relate to the author’s stories even when talking about U.K. taxi drivers.

Ruth Finnegan is engaging. Every chapter in the book will make you feel like you are interacting with the author one-on-one. Apart from the excellent storytelling, one cannot help but point out the author’s sense of humor. Ruth Finnegan is naturally hilarious and gives the reader light moments after every few chapters. The educational aspect of the book deserves mention as even with the many beautiful stories, the author learns about hidden issues in the industry, Issues that are barely addressed in casual conversations or in the mainstream media.

Pages: 102 | ISBN: 173989376X

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