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Bobby the Bear and His Missing Dinner

Bobby the Bear and His Missing Dinner by [Ryan O'Connor, Xiang Manke]

This delightful children’s book follows a good-natured but hungry little bear on his way down to the lake to catch dinner. After catching his dinner and getting ready to take a bite, one of his friends comes by and distracts him. Just then his dinner goes missing. Luckily, several of his friends are around to help him find where the fish went. The answer to this charming mystery is abolueltey adorable.

This children’s book is filled with colorful illustrations with a soft scheme and cute pictures that will surely capture young children’s attention. I could not get over how adorable Bobby was throughout the story. He is a fun character to follow and also sends a strong message to readers at the end of the story to share with your friends.

Bobby the Bear and His Missing Dinner is a fantastic picture book to read to kindergarteners or first graders as it teaches a wonderful lesson, but also has some very entertaining scenes and wonderful pictures to keep eager children glued to the pages. This wonderful story reminds me of children’s cartoons such as Peppa Pig or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood as they also tell a simple but entertaining story with a good lesson at the end.

Pages: 26 | ASIN: B08KSY9XVT

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