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It Seems Anything Goes

Sally Foster
Sally Foster Author Interview

Journey to the White House captures all the historic events of past year and how that led President Biden to the White House. Why was this an important book for you to write?

The Book was important to me to write as I want to learn about things that worry me. American politics impact on my world of UK politics and for me writing is learning and with knowledge comes understanding and I can deal with worry.

There is a lot of facts in this book. What kind of research did you undertake to ensure events were correctly listed?

I subscribed to multiple news platforms gathering daily email updates, read endless news online and trawled through News apps daily. I fact checked and cross checked, credited and sourced research from accredited journalists.

What was the most surprising thing you uncovered while researching for this book?

The most surprising thing I discovered is the contrast between UK journalist reporting and US journalism. There is more opinion and conjecture in the UK than in the US. The US appear to seek “truth” where here at home it seems anything goes.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I hodpe readers take away an understanding of what happened and how it could be handled better in generations to come. I hope the reader realises that world leaders to each one of us has a responsibility to care for each other and the environment.

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Journey to the White House is the fascinating diary account of the Democratic Presidential Primaries and the subsequent campaign for the Presidential election, 3rd November 2020.
This unprecedented chapter in American and world history led Joseph R Biden Jr to The White House and saw the departure of President Donald Trump.
It explores:

• The emerging COVID-19 pandemic and how it impacted the campaigns, the world economy, employment, healthcare, social injustices and climate change.
• The racial tensions which erupted during the summer of 2020; focusing on US affairs with a seasoning of global politics too from the UK and Europe to Russia and China.
• The positive effects on the global climate, thanks to the different way we began to live.

This is a heart-breaking and inspiring story which captures the despair in the early stages of the pandemic and the relief of the vaccines, the real grind of living through such turbulence whilst the US sought to elect a new president and the UK navigated Brexit.
It also urges readers to consider the seriousness of Coronavirus – a killer virus which is thought to have originated from bats sold at live seafood markets in Wuhan.
Dip into the opening pages and see for yourself how much is captured in this extraordinary time to be alive.


JOURNEY TO THE WHITE HOUSE : Through A Global Pandemic by [Sally Foster ]

In this thought-provoking reflection on contemporary society, author Sally Foster takes a journalistic approach to record the turbulent historic times of 2020. The onset of the Covid 19 pandemic had an unimaginable impact on each and every part of the world. The global economy crashed overnight, and the underprepared healthcare sector found itself in an absolute state of misery. Despite the desperate attempts of doctors and healthcare workers, the death toll could not be stopped. At a certain point in 2020, the US faced the biggest blow, when the number of deaths hit the highest in the world. 

Foster captures events and her thoughts in this enlightening book that reads more like a diary, but still conveys a series of facts in a way that is easy to take in. This book shows how the different industries tackled the tense situations. As businesses hit the lowest points, unemployment became a major issue. On one hand, there was the threat of the virus, the lockdown, and on another hand, people did not have the means to take care of themselves or their loved ones. Racial injustices took a violent turn and culminated in a historic movement that the world will remember for years to come. Sally Foster is able to capture these momentous events in concise summaries that lead readers quickly through these events. 

This book captures the time that the Presidential election took place. The parties changed their campaign strategies due to the pandemic, and ultimately, the world witnessed the departure of Donald Trump and the triumph of the new President Joseph R. Biden. With the arrival of the vaccines, people saw the much-needed ray of hope. I appreciated the candid nature with which Sally Foster captured these moments. It reminded me of reading an almanac of times past, if one were created for social events. 

Foster’s diary states factual data, takes the reader through the unprecedented and tumultuous events that 2020 witnessed. From global politics, trade, healthcare to the ongoing election– the author took into account every detail, delineating how traumatic the year has been. The book ends on an inspirational note with the inaugural speech of the newly elected President which allows the reader to look forward to a future full of hopes and possibilities. If you missed the events of the past several years, did not catch them all (there was a lot), or want to look back on those times, then Journey to the White House is a factual yellow brick road that will lead you from there to here. 

Pages: 261 | ASIN: B09968L8G6

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