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Blood of the Enemy

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Blood of the Enemy by Sara A. Noë is the continuing adventure of Cato, a teenager who, after an accident, develops ghostly powers. He became the superhero Phantom for the town of Phantom Heights, a town being attacked by ghosts who escape the Ghost Realm through the Rip that exists between the two worlds there. Sadly, Cato was captured by the Agency of Ghost Control and taken to be experimented on. For two years, Cato, along with seven empowered youths he comes to call his lab family, are tormented by science, and his hopes that his mother will save him are dashed. Now they are free and have come to Phantom Heights, where they have an uneasy reunion with Cato’s mother. The group sets itself up as the town’s protector. In addition to saving the town from ghosts, they must avoid the Agents who want to take them back to their prison, politicians who wish to use them, and teenage fans who want to date them.

I loved the world-building put into this story. We have a complex world filled with various creatures, powers, and history. They even have their own swear. We see the gritty side of saving the world and being a misunderstood teen with powers. Noë captured the lingering effects of torture so well. She shows heroes who just don’t bounce back but are still traumatized by their captivity. It was heartbreaking and beautifully written. We also have a great example of how the family isn’t always blood but can also be the people you choose.

Blood of the Enemy is a provoking teen superhero drama. This is a beautifully written tale with tragic characters haunted by the past while trying to ensure the future and deal with people who don’t always understand the inner turmoil they’re going through. A wonderful continuation of this teen and young adult saga Chronicles of Avilésor: War of the Realms.

Pages: 516 | ISBN: 1732599890

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