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Small Fingernails: Even Less Love

Small Fingernails: Even Less Love by [J Peters]

Love is something that can consume every aspect of our lives – Small Fingernails: Even Less Love captures this essence. J. Peters takes us on a poignant journey through a tumultuous love affair he experienced during his college days. He explores the ideas of how our views of love and friendship can be skewed by unfortunate life events. It’s a story that we all know but are not brave enough to tell. Peters lays himself bare in this short but impactful memoir. In his own words, “love is a trauma that hurls itself into the very fabric of our lives.”

Everyone’s life story is different, and we cannot judge a personal experience. But let me start by saying J. Peters is a fantastic writer!

J Peters lays it all out on the table for you. He does not sugarcoat his actions nor the people who surround him. He is honest about his faults, and where he went wrong in certain situations, there is no pretending. These are aspects that many modern memoirs are missing. Many authors rather portray themselves as perfect human beings than to be authentic with their readers.

It’s easy for authors to get long-winded and jumbled when recounting a life event. They want you to experience it how they experienced it, which means you run through their entire thought processes. Peters perfectly executed the nuance of giving the reader all the imperative details without dragging on a chapter. Most chapters were five pages or less. He knows how to get to point a to point b in a story without trailing off on a tangent in between – this is quite a rare skill for indie authors.

J. Peters is a writer that has mastered his craft. I appreciate the meticulous attention to the ideas he was portraying through his own experiences. If you are looking for a story about how life and mental health can impact love and friendship, this book is for you. It’s a quick but powerful read- there’s never a dull moment.

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