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Dancing With Life

Dancing With Life: A Young Woman’s Quest for Art, Love, and Freedom is a travel memoir by Dhyanis Carniglia. This is a memoir that took a lot of courage to write and even more courage to publish for everyone to read considering the fact that the author shares her entire life with us. From a childhood filled with love, an abusive marriage and escaping it, raising a child, meeting new people, traveling all over the world, and many more topics this is a story about finding one’s self in the world, finding the way to the art within us and accepting one’s self as we are.

This impassioned memoir is written in a way that makes it feel like we are not reading a book, but rather having a cup of coffee with a friend and them telling us stories of their life; so simple yet extraordinary. It deals with themes of everyday life, some of which are warm and happy and others are pills that are hard to swallow; this is exactly what makes this book fascinating.

While reading this stirring book readers will be able to relate to the author on many different levels, some stories are universal while others are distinctly unique. When reading this extraordinary memoir, readers will become invested in the stories being told and the quest that Carniglia is on. Each chapter of this emotional memoir tells a different part of Carniglia’s life and is thought out so well that readers will not be able to put the book down.

Dancing With Life: A Young Woman’s Quest for Art, Love, and Freedom by Dhyanis Carniglia, is a memorable biography of her life, her fascinating travels, and her arresting life experiences. Even though it is the life story of a specific person, we can all find pieces of ourselves in it and that is the best thing a book can do for its reader.

Pages: 191 | ASIN : B08ZLB6GB3

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Creepy Cat’s Macabre Travels

Creepy Cat’s Macabre Travels: Prowling Around Haunted Towers, Crumbling Castles, and Ghoulish Graveyards by Katherine Kerestman is a historical recount of the author’s travels to unique places that one would not think to visit. The book is organized into chapters that are mostly titled by places the author travelled to. This makes it easy to read a chapter about a specific place and gives the reader the option to skip around in the book. This book is your tour guide to strange and unusual destinations.

The author has made interesting language choices. Apart from the introduction the language used through the book is quite informative and has a formal tone.  At times the informative language is supplemented by more descriptive language – particularly when describing artifacts and architecture that the author particularly enjoyed. These descriptions are rich and draw the reader in, making it feel like we are standing in front of The Tower of London or in a beautiful opera house. Many natural landscapes are also described in detail, giving the reader a thorough description of the author’s experiences. Although the language is quite formal, the rich descriptions peppered with historical facts work together to hold the reader’s interest.

This book is born out of Kerestman’s interest in what she terms as the macabre. Readers may find some the places described in the book to be ghoulish and creepy. There is a wanderlust approach to the destination the author took. Most of the locations appear to be places that intrigued the author and not someplace of historical value. Following the paths of Kerestman’s journey readers travel to destinations that are not always on the top destinations tourist lists.

Creepy Cat’s Macabre Travels: Prowling Around Haunted Towers, Crumbling Castles, and Ghoulish Graveyards is a entertaining and informative book that will delight readers who wish to experience the strange and unusual in travel.

Pages: 208 | ASIN : B08MQD99HT

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