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Calm Before The Storm

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Storm is one of three brothers who are identical twins. After sacrificing himself to save his family from their uncle victor, Storm has lost himself. He hides secrets from his family, and he knows they are hiding secrets from him, but he is determined to bring an end to the lies and secrets once and for all.

Calm Before the Storm, by Steven Paul Germanè, is book seven in the sultry Storm series. The story continues to follow Philip Steven, who is referred to as Storm in the book, as well many other interesting characters from the previous stories. The author has written a steamy erotic novel that is filled with provocative sex scenes with a little bit of mystery woven into the plot to break up all the sex.

While I found the story gripping, I felt that it was a little difficult to keep track of who is who because there are a lot of characters in the story. The main storyline takes a backseat to the plethora of erotic scenes that take place throughout the book that show how Storm uses sex as a way to get what he wants.

There are a few things that some readers might find triggering in this story, like talk of incest. The author’s writing is raw and detailed so some of the scenes can be shocking at times. But because of this the story is also easy to read and gets to the point without any surprise or climatic moments. This book can be read on its own but I would recommend you read the other books in the series to get a better sense of who Storm is as well as the other characters in the book because they are a main part in the series.

Readers who want to read about Storms’ various provocative sexual endeavors will enjoy the vivid detail that the author utilizes to bring these scenes to life. Storm is an intriguing character and I was more invested in the romance and the drama surrounding Storm rather than finding out the family’s truth. Steven Paul Germane writing is vivid and unfiltered, allowing the reader to fully immerse themselves in Storm’s love life. This is unadulterated and potent erotica that will appeal to hard core fans of the genre.

Pages: 204

Storm Front: Storm VIII

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Steven Paul Germane’s Storm Front is the eighth book in his Storm series. Like the books before it, it follows the life of Philip Stevens, fondly known as Storm. As such, a lot of the characters and dynamics are the same, making it particularly easy to follow if you have read the previous books.

Even if you have not though, you can still follow along. Although I highly recommend going and reading the other books in this series first as there are some character developments and story points that you’ll miss along the way that are critical to setting the backdrop to this sultry erotica novel. This will also prepare readers for how utterly raw the story can get.

This unapologetic erotica novel is filled with a lot of sex scenes that hard core erotica fans will enjoy as almost every page has one. With no need to build up to a sex scene the book can feel overwhelming and feels like we are constantly moving from zero to a hundred in a few sentences, setting a quick pace for a variety of very vivid scenes to play out.

There is a family mystery brewing in the background of this story as well, but it is overshadowed by the unabashed erotic exploits of the characters to the point that it almost feels like a minor point in the story. It left me feeling like this is an erotica novel for erotica fans as the the fluff of a story-arc is superseded by the scandalous and detailed sex scenes that are the centerpiece of this book.

The writing is clear and concise, eliminating the risk of you having to wade through long-winded prose. Also, the book has no grammatical or formatting errors – a sign that it was thoroughly edited.

Storm Front: Storm VIII gives long time fans of the series more of what they enjoyed in the previous books. This is a salacious and extremely graphic erotica novel that holds nothing back and will leave you shocked or entertained, or both.

Pages: 198

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