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The Divine Travel Agency

The Divine Travel Agency by A Frank Corso Mystery is an exceptional supernatural fiction novel and the first book in the Frank Corso mystery series. The story revolves around a middle-aged bachelor named Frank Corso, who works on Wall Street and lives an extravagant bachelor life. He is comfortable with his life until he visits New Orleans on a business trip, and life takes an unexpected turn. In the weeks leading to Christmas, his ex-girlfriend asks him to find her young supernatural friend, who has disappeared. Corso dives deep into the rich culture of New Orleans and, in doing so, discovers some of the city’s darkest secrets and the mystery of “The divine travel agency.”

The author has written a gripping mystery story that is a page-turner. Frank Corso is a likable and intelligent character, and readers will enjoy getting to know him as the plot unfolds. The story is set in the heart of New Orleans, and the author’s research shows. Readers will be able to picture themselves in New Orleans as he vividly describes all the fantastic tourist spots and travel-worthy places. I found this book hard to put down once I started reading, and it was thanks to the author’s descriptive writing style I was transported into the culture of New Orleans.

Readers will take a deep dive into New Orleans’s rich history with a sprinkle of mystique throughout. The supernatural aspect of the story adds to the drama making this a mysterious read. Readers will feel as if they are part of the investigation, searching along with Frank as he tries to solve the mystery. The story moves at a smooth pace, and some unexpected twists in the story keep readers guessing till the end reveal.

The Divine Travel Agency is a must-read for those who enjoy New Orleans’s magic and a great mystery to solve. The supernatural elements are a great addition giving the traditional detective troupes a fresh take and readers a new experience.

Pages: 388 | ASIN : B09LHJXR67

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