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The Promise of Psychedelics

The Promise of Psychedelics: Science-Based Hope For Better Mental Health is described as a psychedelic therapy guide by Dr. Peter Silverstone, however, if you ask me I would classify it as a crucial academic work that is of high value in the field of psychiatry. Ever since his first day as a young psychiatrist. Dr. Silverstone was faced with patients who were suffering from depression and had tried to commit suicide at one point or another. From that day on Silverstone made it his life mission to find new ways to help people dealing with all sorts of mental health issues.

Studies show that two out of ten adults suffer from some kind of mental health problem, and due to the lack of professionals who can cater to the needs of all patients, a high percentage of patients are given medication. Sadly the medication isn’t always effective, especially in cases such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, addictions, or personality issues. However, thanks to our extended knowledge of the brain and neuroscience our approach to a lot of these issues has changed and will continue to further change and evolve in the future. Here is where Dr. Silverstone comes in with psychedelics such as psilocybin, ketamine, MDMA, cannabinoids, and LSD. In his illuminating book he explains the existing forms of therapy and treatment as well as some brand new ones that he discovered in his decades dedicated to this subject.

Inside the book, readers will get to read about different intertwined topics from the diagnosis of a mental health issue, to the plasticity of the brain, different psychedelics and where they can be used and so much more, including biographical details about Dr. Silverstone himself, and how he chose his career path.

Even though I’ve described this book as an important academic work, Dr. Silverstone purposefully made sure to write this book in a language that is easily understood by anyone. It does not matter if you have a background in the fields of neuroscience and psychiatry or not. A perfect example of this is his comparison of the brain to a pizza sliced into four parts. It may sound funny, but every good teacher is able to explain complex ideas in relatable terms and Dr. Silverstone is an exceptional educator.

My favorite chapter in this educational book, as a reader and as a psychology student, was where he talked about the plasticity of the brain (brain plasticity refers to how the brain can change, how it is flexible and can be molded) because it is a topic I had learned in developmental psychology and it was fascinating to read some new information on that topic.

I believe that The Promise of Psychedelics is an academic work that will become significant in psychiatry as our knowledge of the brain continues to broaden. I highly recommend this enlightening book to any professionals or students in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, and medicine as well as anyone interested in mental health. 

Pages: 283 | ASIN: B09QWFJWJ5

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