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Family Drama, Love, and Possibly a Good Cry.

Jennifer LeBlanc
Jennifer LeBlanc Author Interview

The Revelations of August Barton sees August taking a dramatic next step in his relationship with Rose while a tornado of other issues surround him. What were some sources that informed this novella’s development?

Bits and pieces came to me for the sequel a little at a time. It was just a matter of figuring out how it all fit together and what would be cohesive in terms of continuing Augie’s story. Majority of the story stems from personal experiences and real life situations I have observed or dealt with myself.

I enjoyed how August continued to grow in this novel. What were some new ideas you wanted to explore with his character in this book that was different from book one?

In book one, I felt it was more of an introductory and lighter read. So to contrast that I went a little darker with book two, because like life there has to be a balance. Things are not good all the time everyday for everyone. Life has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect it and it’s how you maneuver past them that determines your strength of character. I really wanted to showcase this with Augie by letting him make mistakes and try to figure out how to fix them on his own.

I appreciated the grounded approach you took to many of the obstacles August faces. Was there anything from your own life that you put into this story?

I like to believe that Augie is and always will be the better version of me that I wish I was at his age. He is the person that we can all become if we are willing to accept our flaws and learn from our mistakes.

Do you have other August Barton novels planned?

I do. I plan on there being four books in this novella series total. Book three will be awhile because I have other projects that need to be finished first, but I am very excited about the next installment. Readers can definitely expect some more shenanigans as well as family drama, love, and possibly a good cry.

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August Barton thought his tribulations were over, but some truths are hard to swallow. He’s been with Rose Varley for over a year, and has his heart set on taking the next step: a marriage proposal. He’s not prepared, however, for the obstacles that soon find their way into Augie’s life—tornadoes, drunken bachelorette parties, and an earth-shattering confession from his stepdad John are all trials Augie will need to overcome if he’s going to keep the girl. With his Grandma Gertie and mom off at a retreat in the Cayman Islands, the revelation Augie never prepared himself for was that, for once, he was going to have to figure it out all on his own.

The Revelations of August Barton

The Revelations of August Barton by [Jennifer LeBlanc]

The Revelations of August Barton is a contemporary romance novel by Jennifer LeBlanc. A coming of age story which is a sequel to Tribulations of August Barton. This young adult book is a continuation of the life of August Barton and his love Rose. August is faced with many difficult challenges throughout the story that throw into question his and Rose’s ability to be together. This is a drama filled story with family secrets, confessions, drunken bachelorette parties and layers of family problems that all hit August Barton like a tornado. Will he be able to overcome them?

What I like most about The Revelations of August Barton is that it’s not a cliché teen love story, although it may seem like it at first. Jennifer LeBlanc is able to make the story relatable and believable and because of this I found the story to be immensely engaging. The Revelations of August Barton is full of weighty teenage agony that resonates with truth. In this story we get to see new sides of August Barton as he’s faced with new obstacles and I was amazed at how he continued to grow into a much more dynamic and layered character. This reminds me of a show that should be on The CW network, but maybe not as melodramatic as the shows on that television network.

I suppose I should give a spoiler alert, although it’s not much of a spoiler, August is able to solve his life’s problems and bring all the broken pieces together, but the way in which he does it was something I won’t ruin because I believe that is what this story is about. The journey of putting your life back together after it falls apart. This is one of the greatest milestones in this book. It shows readers just how strong one can be if they summon their strength and willpower into what they want. The main theme of the book is love and family and Jennifer is able to mingle these things into a rich heartfelt fictional story that left me a bit wistful. The life of Grandma Gertie, Rose, August, John and Diane is a perfect image of love and family. Although they are not perfect and they make mistakes, they do not give up on each other. They build each other up and most importantly, they forgive. Jennifer LeBlanc has done a fantastic job of using humor to bring levity to some weighty situations while also underlining some poignant themes. The book has strong language that might be a problem to some readers on the younger side, but otherwise I think it fits well in the college romance genre.

Pages: 155 | ASIN: B07F5JF3T5

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