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Three Dimensions – Lizzie’s Histories

Three Dimensions – Lizzie’s Histories is the second installment in Elizabeth Reinach’s Three Dimensions collection. As opposed to the first anthology, in which the short stories mostly verse on the bizarre and horrifying, this piece’s motif is the reapproaching of 19th-to-20th-century British historical events.

Some of the tales’ themes are power disputes, royal troubles, the raging inequality between high society and the commoners, and the hypocritical breaking of traditional values. Readers are met with well-known British political and literary figures, such as Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens. In addition, a maid named Claudine, a member of the royal house that is first in line to the throne and must overcome his wife’s displeasing demeanor to produce an heir, and the alcoholic Anne-Marie who suffers the misogynistic blows of her future husband and of 19-century England.

This book will be pretty entertaining to history aficionados who enjoy reading between the lines to pick up references and do their own research to complement the stories and learn more about niche historical nuances that might escape the average reader. The twelve stories that are included will provide readers with various topics to comb through. However, it is worth mentioning that the order of stories makes for a somewhat confusing read at times. Another noteworthy feature is the comic relief provided in the initial stories, where Reinach explores how famous historical marriage and paternity disputes would have taken place had reality TV existed at the time. This thoroughly entertaining section adds a lighter tone to this otherwise thought-provoking piece.

Three Dimensions – Lizzie’s Histories takes a considerably different turn when compared to the first book, but it is still entertaining nonetheless. With well-researched storylines it should prove to be an interesting read to those familiar with modern British history and otherwise entertaining to anyone interested in reading intriguing stories with a one-of-a-kind voice.

Pages: 118 | ISBN : 9781984593108

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