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Three Dimensions: Lizzies Fizzies

Lizzie’s Fizzies is the third short story collection in Elizabeth Reinach’s Three Dimensions book series. In Booby Prize, a priest in the early 20th century finds a peculiar new function for brassieres; in Muji Slippers, self-esteem and appearances are tackled through a woman’s efforts to appear desirable to a man at a pompous event; in Typing Nude, a junior solicitor is infatuated by his company’s new typist’s steamy references.

Performance has a promising start and provides the reader with a good chuckle as angels Raphael and Stephen sort out souls for heaven or the bossy Lucifer. The Signing, where a horror writer fears a misunderstanding will prompt his ex to reappear into his life and taint his career in the process. Another extraordinary story is The Professor and the Cleaner, which paints an accurate picture of the academic setting through the seemingly trivial, wordless interactions between a university professor and a cleaning staff member.

Although these miscellaneous shorts are dispersed throughout the book, it centers mainly around the political arena and friction between Revolutionaries and British conservatives, as the insinuating Flamboyant reveals. In that respect, the reader is presented with Green and Lark and Kiss and Tell. Moreover, a series of chapters features Archie and Ted, two middle-aged, long-time friends, in several endeavors that range from the trivial to the borderline nonsense and maintain constant themes in the book, such as sexism, racism, and politics.

In this imaginative collection of short stories, Reinach gives readers a taste of political commentary, current social matters, and historical moments that appeal to their sense of curiosity. Throughout the book, there are illustrations by Windel Eborlas. These black and white drawings are humorous and slightly abstract, complementing the tone of the writing.

Three Dimensions: Lizzie’s Fizzies is an entertaining anthology of short stories. This humorous and sometimes horrifying collection will entertain readers that enjoy political humor, short stories, fiction, some horror, thrillers, and suspense. There is something for everyone in this unconventional compilation.

Pages: 88 | ASIN : B0817M9FMT

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Tom – the Cat

Poetry holds a magic all its own. There is not a situation that cannot be conveyed through verse and be transformed into something more beautiful, more tragic, or even more humorous. The sonnet is no exception to this rule. The flow of a sonnet makes for a beautiful reading experience, no matter the topic. Elizabeth Reinach knows this and uses it to her advantage in Tom–the Cat: The Life and Work of Tom Cat in Sonnets. She covers a myriad of topics in this masterfully penned collection of sonnets centered on Tom the cat, the animals in his neighborhood, and the humans who know him best.

Tom–the Cat: The Life and Work of Tom Cat in Sonnets, by Elizabeth Reinach, is influenced by Shakespeare but only loosely. With each sonnet’s first line being the first line from a Shakespearean sonnet, Reinach sets the stage for a most interesting take on poetry and gives readers quite the realm to explore. Tom, the cat, serves as the focus of many of the sonnets. Still, Reinach has included a great blend of other characters to give readers a nice variety and increase the relatability of the writing.

The love for Tom the cat on the narrator’s part is evident. We don’t have any love equal to that love we feel for our pets, and Reinach communicates this very effectively. There are many different situations depicted, and each one shows Tom as quite the character, but they are always enveloped in tenderness. Sweet black and white illustrations pepper the text and add to the effectiveness of Reinach’s work and the feeling of genuine love.

When I read the introduction, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the Shakespearean aspect of the writing. In all honesty, I didn’t know how well it would work with the subject matter. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly Reinach combined a more modern sonnet with Shakespeare’s classic lines. It all comes together for a fantastic and engaging read.

Tom–the Cat: The Life and Work of Tom Cat in Sonnets will captivate various readers, animal lovers, poetry fans, and those who enjoy exploring new and different genres will enjoy Reinach’s work. This superb collection of poetry is a must-read for pet owners.

Pages: 51 | ASIN : B07VGD5SGQ

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Three Dimensions – Lizzie’s Histories

Three Dimensions – Lizzie’s Histories is the second installment in Elizabeth Reinach’s Three Dimensions collection. As opposed to the first anthology, in which the short stories mostly verse on the bizarre and horrifying, this piece’s motif is the reapproaching of 19th-to-20th-century British historical events.

Some of the tales’ themes are power disputes, royal troubles, the raging inequality between high society and the commoners, and the hypocritical breaking of traditional values. Readers are met with well-known British political and literary figures, such as Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens. In addition, a maid named Claudine, a member of the royal house that is first in line to the throne and must overcome his wife’s displeasing demeanor to produce an heir, and the alcoholic Anne-Marie who suffers the misogynistic blows of her future husband and of 19-century England.

This book will be pretty entertaining to history aficionados who enjoy reading between the lines to pick up references and do their own research to complement the stories and learn more about niche historical nuances that might escape the average reader. The twelve stories that are included will provide readers with various topics to comb through. However, it is worth mentioning that the order of stories makes for a somewhat confusing read at times. Another noteworthy feature is the comic relief provided in the initial stories, where Reinach explores how famous historical marriage and paternity disputes would have taken place had reality TV existed at the time. This thoroughly entertaining section adds a lighter tone to this otherwise thought-provoking piece.

Three Dimensions – Lizzie’s Histories takes a considerably different turn when compared to the first book, but it is still entertaining nonetheless. With well-researched storylines it should prove to be an interesting read to those familiar with modern British history and otherwise entertaining to anyone interested in reading intriguing stories with a one-of-a-kind voice.

Pages: 118 | ISBN : 9781984593108

Three Dimensions: Lizzies Scaries

Three Dimensions, by Elizabeth Reinach, is a collection of short stories with themes ranging from crime mysteries to family secrets and greed. In The Trio, you will meet an elderly couple terrorized by three creepy adolescents; Grandma introduces Johnny, who is entangled in a family drama that arises from his wealthy family matriarch’s revelations on her 80th birthday; a Christmas night’s sketchy deal goes awry in White Witness; an unusually close relationship of love and jealousy among siblings is explored in The Tennis Party 1885 by Sir John Lavery; The Seànce reveals the tragic fate of a recently deceased man to his acquaintances; an old multiple homicide case resurfaces in William?, and a deathbed confession from a ill woman sparks her daughter’s search for the truth in the final tale, Margaret Donald Was Only a Typist.

The anthology begins with relatively mild and seemingly unrelated topics. This choice of pace might seem tone-deaf at the first glance – which might be the book’s main caveat -, but the approach soon spikes the reader’s interest and the temptation to skip through the pages to satisfy their curiosity. As the tales grow increasingly more eerie and uncomfortable, sometimes even prompting external research for plot twists and “Easter eggs”, this edge-of-your-seat book grapples with the reader’s sense of familiarity: the stories consistently present daily-life topics with an obscure twist that gives off the stomach-churning sensation of accessing a forbidden something you should not have been.

Three Dimensions, by Elizabeth Reinach showcases vastly different characters that range from the gullible that struggles with her fashion choices in Aladdin’s Cave to acclaimed 20th-century European psychoanalysts from Oedipus in Furs and the overtly polite staff that hides a rotten cynicism in Beneath the Surface. Illustrated by Salvador Capuyan with comical and satirical artwork, this collection of short stories will appeal to readers who enjoy an unique style of casual entertainment.

Pages: 67 | ASIN: B0823GFW2K

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Heirs of Deceits

Heirs of Deceits by Elizabeth Reinach is a historical fiction story set in Victorian England. Sir Gilbert Stanley is a wealthy landowner and member of parliament who has left behind a string of abandoned women and illegitimate children. When the mothers died, the children were sent to live at a workhouse or fostered out to another family. Years later, Sir Gilbert does not acknowledge them as his children but takes them in to his household to work as servants at his country estate, Stanley Court. When his illegitimate son, Henry is murdered, will Sir Gilbert be able to discover who killed him? And what will become of his other children when the scandal of their illegitimacy is revealed?

This story had a unique structure that spanned a number of years, following several children from early childhood in to young adulthood. I liked how the author showed insight into the various trials faced by the characters. It was an interesting contrast to see the difference between the hardships in the lives of Sir Gilbert’s illegitimate children living in a workhouse compared to Lady Anne, who was raised in an aristocratic household. I enjoyed the elements of mystery in this story, reading all the different clues during the murder investigation and trying to put the pieces together to figure out the identity of the killer. I liked that the author included an epilogue showing how the lives of the characters turned out.

The story was divided into several parts and in the first part, where each chapter was focused on a different child’s early life experiences. In Part Two the story lines of the different children start to merge together. When the same events were told from more than one character’s perspective, the facts were not always consistent as is often the case when multiple people are retelling a story, everyone remembers things a little different. This adds a layer of realism to the story with the retelling from multiple perspectives.

Heirs of Deceits by Elizabeth Reinach is a wonderful period piece that highlights a common issue of the time when men often had illegitimate children but no one ever wanted to speak of them. While a work of fiction this book give a voice to those deemed illegitimate. With scandal and a riveting murder mystery this novel will entertain a diverse set of readers.

Pages: 244 | ASIN: B07T239B3B

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