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A Lot of Burning Questions

Misty Hayes Author Interview

Misty Hayes Author Interview

Tree of Souls is the thrilling conclusion to your Blood Dagger series. What were some things you wanted to make sure you wrapped up before the end?

Without giving too many spoilers away (I hope not), I had to make sure I wrapped up Corinth’s (my eighteen-year-old reluctant hero and The Chosen One) journey, first and foremost. He had a lot going on in this last book—Tree of Souls—and he also had a lot of burning questions. Questions about his lineage, the blade he carries, and The Watchers, a group of elite warrior angels. I also had to make sure I gave Larna (my eighteen-year-old protagonist) her day too. It was important to show the extent of her growth at the very end. There were a lot of characters to finish fleshing out, especially Gabriel Stanton (the vampiric bad guy).

I always enjoy the next book more than the last. What were some challenges you set for yourself as a writer with this book?

Thank you very much! I loved writing all of the books, but the last one is my favorite. The one and only challenge was to just finish it. Tree of Souls is a whopping 640 pages! It was a lot of work.

The emotional turmoil is palpable in this novel. What were some themes you drew on while writing?

Man, there was a lot of emotion running through the entire novel. I felt every bit of it. I guess you could say I drew a lot on life experiences, and how I would really react in certain situations. A good old-fashioned meltdown is never out of the question. It was important to make each scene as believable and fleshed out as possible. Smells and sounds and body language all help pull those together for the reader.

What is the next book or series do you plan to start next?

I just started a spin-off series to The Blood Dagger. It is not titled yet, but I am super excited to see where this new series takes me.

I am also plotting out a seven book series, a mix of Ready Player One meets Warcross. You might have a lot more reading to do in the future.

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Tree of Souls (The Blood Dagger Book 3) by [Hayes, Misty]

The first vampire.
The last Nephilim.
The end of a saga.

The epic battle between angel and vampire begins in this third installment in the Blood Dagger series. Ever since his meeting with a group of all-powerful angels calling themselves the Grigori went awry, things aren’t looking up for Corinth Taylor or for his best friend, Larna Collins. After Corinth was almost stabbed to death, Alastair Iszler, Corinth’s brother-in-arms, heroically stepped in to save Corinth’s life—thereby sacrificing his own in the process.

Larna, still reeling after losing the love of her life, has only one mission in mind: kill the vampire who tortured Corinth. Sarah. But things aren’t so cut and dry anymore when friends turn into enemies and enemies turn into friends. Trusting Gabriel Stanton, the leader of one of the most powerful vampire clans in the world, might just be enough to cause his downfall by her hands. Especially since she has the worst kind of history with him—the killing-your-father kind.

Will Corinth make it through his transition to become a vampire? Will the Grigori’s plan at world domination come into fruition? Can they pull together in time to stop the threat?

Find out in the last and most action-packed novel in the Blood Dagger series. It will not disappoint. A must-read from start to finish.

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Tree of Souls

Tree of Souls (The Blood Dagger Book 3) by [Hayes, Misty]

Larna has endured more than most people and has done so at a young age. She has reached some pretty amazing conclusions about herself and her family. Her life, both figuratively and literally, has been transformed. There is nothing she wants more right now than to find the one person responsible for all the hurt in her life–Sarah. While Larna is fighting the battle to find and punish Sarah, her best friend is waging his own war. Corinth’s war is one most will never see. He is conflicted between his two new worlds–angel and vampire.

Tree of Souls is the third book in The Blood Dagger series by author Misty Hayes. This is the most fascinating of the three books focusing on Larna and her sidekick and best friend, Corinth. Different from every other series with a vampire theme, Hayes’s books provide readers with a more intimate look into the mind of the characters.

Hayes gives readers the best of both worlds as she moves from chapter to chapter, alternating first-person points of view. We are able to clearly experience Larna’s thoughts, her anguish, and her love for her friends in each of the chapters bearing her name. In addition, Corinth has his own chapters in which we are given the opportunity to hear his thoughts and watch all the ways he is slowly evolving. While most of Hayes’s chapters pull readers into the minds of the main characters, Larna and Corinth, she does include chapters that hand readers the inner thoughts of secondary characters like Vinson whose motives are integral to the plot.

Larna is complicated, and I love her. I loved the way Hayes chooses to write this character since her debut in The Outcasts, Book 1 in The Blood Dagger series. Larna, in Tree of Souls, is no less green than she was in the first book of the series. Though she is now experienced in the ways of the vampire, she is still a young girl who is learning, loving, and trying to find her way. She is relatable on many levels and is a huge draw for readers across age groups and genres.

There is some gore, although Hayes handles it in as tasteful a fashion as possible. I am not a fan of the bloody, vulgar, or explicit. Hayes writes any scene dealing with the bloodier end of the vampire world with caution and just enough vivid detail to give readers a solid mental image. Her focus remains on her characters, their reactions, their personal battles, and the secrets they hold. Any reader shying away from books of this genre will be pleasantly surprised by the manner in which Hayes deals with this subject matter.

I highly recommend Tree of Souls to anyone who has read the first two books and has been looking forward to this third installment. It was definitely worth the wait!

Pages: 642 | ASIN: B081QLXMB2

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