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Jealousy is a Nasty Emotion

Dawn Brotherton Author Interview

Dawn Brotherton Author Interview

Untimely Love follows Jamie as she balances her career and marriage while slowly falling for her sexy and considerate coworker. What served as your inspiration while you wrote this emotional love story?

Writing romance was actually an experiment for me. I wanted to try something different than the Jackie Austin mysteries. For inspiration? While I was balancing my military career and marriage through many physical separations, I can guarantee you that my husband is nothing like Jamie’s snake of a husband! But some of the struggles to get attention felt very close to home, and the events Jamie has to investigate in Virginia Beach for her job were based on real-life actions I encountered. Jealousy is a nasty emotion.

I enjoyed the slow evolution of Jamie’s character. What were some ideas you wanted to explore with her character?

I wanted a strong female character who, although tempted, WANTS to do the right thing. She is dedicated to fulfill her commitments, even if things aren’t going her way. She doesn’t take the easy way out—and that can be costly.

Jamie and Ben’s relationship is something I found to be endearing and thrilling. What were some emotions you often felt yourself gravitating toward while writing their scenes?

I was in love with Ben. He was kind and patient, but also fun loving and spontaneous. I’ve never truly met anyone like him. I guess that’s why we read romance.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Eastover Treasures is a cozy mystery coming out in 2021. The idea came to me when I was at a quilting retreat. It’s been slowly building for years, and I am finally spending time with it. I’m getting great feedback from my writer’s group so I am excited to get it to my editor.

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Untimely Love by [Dawn Brotherton]Jamie is settling into her new job in Washington DC. The last thing she needs is a distraction. Then she meets Ben. Charming, considerate, and, yes, sexy. She finds herself thinking about him more often than she should. She struggles to keep her feelings in check while he works his magic to draw her closer. He’s patient, but he can’t be expected to wait forever. Jamie needs time to discover she deserves better than what she has, and Ben must decide if she’s worth the wait.

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Untimely Love

Untimely Love by [Brotherton, Dawn]

Untimely Love by Dawn Brotherton is a contemporary love story following Jamie, a woman in her mid-thirties who is focused on her career as head of the human resources department. Jamie has been drifting apart from her husband and she finds herself developing an unexpected interest in one of her co-workers, Ben. What starts out as a friendship quickly turns into deeper feelings. When Jamie catches her husband cheating her marriage ends in divorce. But is she ready to jump into a new relationship with the man who has occupied so many of her thoughts recently?

Untimely Love is not your typical love story where you can immediately guess the plot of the story. The nuanced sentiment and internal emotional turmoil is what kept me glued to the pages. I slowly, almost unwittingly, became invested in Jamie’s character after reading about the relateable struggles she goes through in her marriage and work life. I was rooting for her throughout the story hoping at every turn that she would find happiness, in whatever way made sense to her. I enjoyed seeing Jamie and Ben’s sensitive relationship slowly develop, and then passionately flourish.

Although I came to appreciate, and really like, Jamie’s character, I didn’t care for her character at the start of the book. I felt that at times she acted a bit rash and over emotional, but in other instances she seemed as though she was much older than her age. But this was only the beginning. Jamie’s character changes throughout the book into someone that I could understand and admire. I ended up liking how Jamie was portrayed much more in the second half of the story, where she is a confident, professional businesswoman. This transformation was something I really enjoyed.

Although I enjoyed the characters and the story, I felt that there were a bit too many flashbacks between the present and the past, when Jamie and Ben first met. I felt that it interrupted the flow of the story and it was hard to keep track of what was happening between the two of them in the moment.

Untimely Love is a book that catches you off guard. It starts simply enough but slowly develops into a touching story about love, life, and the pursuit of happiness. I would definitely recommend this to readers who enjoy a suspenseful and emotional love story.

Pages: 232 | ASIN: B086558NW1

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