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For Adventure And The History

Author Interview
David R. Kozlow Jr. Author Interview

Who Knew? is a collection of evocative poetry that is based on people throughout time in New York City. What inspired you to write this collection of poetry?

A feeling I got in the middle of the night to write the book.

What draws you to New York City and what do you think draws so many other people to the city?

I was born here.  I always worked here.  

Others are drawn to New York City for adventure and the HISTORY.  They heard about the city from others and said we have to go there.

My favorite poem from the collection is the one about ‘General George Washington’. Is there a poem that you are particularly partial to in this collection?

Oh yes!  The Slave

Do you have plans to write and publish more works of poetry?

Yes!   If it comes to me in my sleep and or a very strong inspiration while being awake.

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Who Knew? is a two-part poem that reflects on historical events in New York City by certain individuals that set the standards in New York City today. Read and reflect on our history from the perspective of a New York City policeman.
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