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Young Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett is a young boy in 1798 growing up in Tennessee with his family. He and his brothers are in the middle of a hunt when they learn a hunter in town has gone missing while hunting. Davy and his brothers take it upon themselves to find out what happened and come face to face with something prehistoric for the first time. When Davy’s brother William is injured, it is up to Davy and an unlikely accomplice to find the dangerous “horned turtle monster”. Readers will be catapulted right into the action from the start.

Young Davy Crockett: The Wild Frontier with Dinosaurs is a fast-paced book with a unique and exciting spin-off of the traditional Davy Crockett storyline. This captivating book is the first in the History vs. Pre-history Series by author Kevin James Breaux. The writing style is perfect for younger adult readers that want a lot of action that starts from the first page and carries through the whole book. Breaux has taken the traditional character of Davy Crockett and gave him a new adventure to entice a new generation of readers. The author takes the readers on an unforgettable adventure blending prehistoric times with the days of the wild frontier.

Readers will find Davy to be a brave and fearless character that is capable of battling the unknown and solving the mystery of the missing hunters. Breaux effortlessly weaves an engaging story based on fact, fiction, science, and history. The author leaves readers eagerly looking forward to book two to discover what happens next.

Young Davy Crockett: The Wild Frontier with Dinosaurs is a riveting novel for middle-grade students and younger teens that have a passion for history and dinosaurs. Add in the exciting action and adventures that come with the frontier expansion, and readers will have a thrilling coming-of-age young adult novel that will keep them on edge till the end.

Pages: 138 | ASIN : B09S4QK5KZ

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