Thicker than Blood: Stronger than Bone

4 StarsThicker than Blood: Stronger than Bone is a fast paced action story about a battle hardened veteran desperately trying to keep his daughter safe in a world filled with black magic and mercenaries that won’t stay dead. Thick than Blood is set in a world filled with evil, danger and impossible odds. Private Hayes and his daughter Charity embark on a journey longing for a place to call home. But a mercenary named Death is hot on their trail and to stay alive they must team up with some unlikely allies.

Sidney Wood takes you to a kingdom where political scandals run rampant and trust is a luxury not often given. Thicker Than Blood takes readers on a journey of friendship, love, war and self-sacrifice. Hayes is no stranger to battle and uses his quick wits and battle experience in an effort to survive the day to day wars he must fight to keep himself alive. Alongside longtime friends, Lieutenant Martin and Corvise Brente, Private Hayes seems unstoppable. But an unknown dark enemy lurks in their mist. Black magic rituals stain its body. People fear it wherever it goes. Death is always watching, waiting, prepared. With its eyes set on one target, the stakes are higher than any of them realize.

Meanwhile, Charity, a blossoming young woman, tries to find herself while in the middle of a man’s world. Joszette, a friendly woodly woman, helps teach her in a way only a mother could. Charity and Joszette are interesting characters that are developed, along with many other characters, slowly throughout the story.

Sideny Wood deftly handles description and detail to easily transport readers into the story. With lots of gore and destruction throughout, the descriptions leave little to the imagination. But this story is by no means one dimensional. You’re placed in the mined of multiple characters while in the same situation to get a change to fully understand and appreciate each characters perspective. In the end you feel an attachment to the characters that only experienced writers can achieve.

While there are plenty of unforeseen twists that leave the reader wanting more, I found sound parts of the story to be predictable. The story was fast paced and there was a real sense of urgency throughout, but there were many chapters that ended with some loose ends. This always bothers me in a book that is so well written because I know the author has the talent to give me so much more to satisfy my curiosity. I suppose patients is a virtue here, as many things are wrapped up near the end of the story.

The Royal Guard, with Hayes as their prematurely named champion, battles enemies from all angles. Will the rebel army marching on with all its secrets and skills conquer? Will the spies already in the walls of the castle have their chance to reign? When the king falls and the future of the kingdom is unknown, a hero must rise. Who will prevail?

Pages: 250 | ASIN: B01C9UN35W

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