The Devil & Streak Wilson

The Devil & Streak Wilson by [Daniel Boyd]

Have you been tempted by the Devil? Would you give up anything to have the life you always dream about? The girl you always lusted after? And the money to go along with it? Would you do it, or steer clear of the devil’s path?

The Devil and Steak Wilson is one such story that describes how our protagonist Streak Wilson, the best shot in Ware county, but poor and without any good prospects. The only prospect he has is dying poor. It is one such time that the devil tries to talk with him in a barbershop. He proposes that Streak could have all that he wanted and more if only he would give his soul to him. Wary of that, our hero demurs. Then the devil gives him another deal, a money bag that would never go empty in exchange for his reflection in the mirror, thus no need of selling his soul. Relieved that he won’t have to sell the soul, Streak takes the deal. Almost immediately, Streak begins to have problems with his decision. While still in the barbershop he is accosted by people about a stolen horse. It is only by the fortuitous presence of the barbershop owner that he escapes that angry mob. Finding that he may not be lucky every time, he decides that he should bring his reflection to a swift justice by taking him down. But he is unaware of the subtle traps that the devil has laid in the way.

The story proceeds at a brisk pace building a surreal and vivid setting which made me believe I was right inside the story. At the start, I was thinking that this novel was a variation of the Faust but the Author Daniel Boyd has a unique and smart way of telling a riveting story that sets this book apart from other western genre novels. Daniel Boyd also touches on the topics of racism, religion, and the bigotry in his supernatural thriller that gives more dimension to an already interesting story line. I am pleased with the way he has highlighted it without trying to preach, but more to invite introspection. But the most remarkable aspect of this story is the subtle warning that big or small, a deal with the devil never bears any good. I really enjoyed The Devil and the Streak Wilson, a tale of subtle allure woven by the devil which almost all of us gets entangled with at some point in our lives. Anyone looking for a suspenseful novel with a provocative character will enjoy The Devil and Streak Wilson. This is the best western novel I’ve read this year.

Pages: 210 | ASIN: B085S14GSV

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  1. Hello, I know you sent me a follow-up to this review, with instructions on how to post it at Amazon and  interrview questions, but it has completely disappeared from my files Help? Thanks in advance, “Daniel Boyd”


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