When the Big Bad Comes

T.L. Bailey Author Interview

Eve of Destruction finds Eve transported back to Virginia and must stop Nyx by seeking a weapon that will help in the battle. What were some sources that shaped this novels development?

In Eve of the Hunters book two we find Eve turning her back on her duties and running away. Eve of Destruction she finds herself and the others transported back to Virginia by an unknown force. One of the factors about the book is that evil wins when good people do nothing. She is being forced to confront her fears and her duties. Innocent people are dying and the seals of hell are being opened because she refuses to step up and face Nyx. Another source is a new character that is being introduced in this book. The development of this character shaped the way I was allowed to write the scenes in this book. In fact, the monsters and the way people reacted to them and my characters shaped the novel.

What were some challenges you set for yourself as a writer with this book?

One of the challenges was to stay true to the characters at all times and to see from their POV how they would each react in a scene. People react differently so I had to make sure that I made Black act a certain way than Rowan would if they saw a zombie. No two people are going to react to situations the same way so that was the challenge. The monsters were a challenge in making sure they were there for a reason, not just popping them up. They had to be created for a reason. Cause and effect. Even though it is a fantasy novel it still needs to be believable and make sense to the reader. Another challenge was to make sure people believed this was happening in the 1700s. To create scenes when I can’t “see” these places myself is a challenge unto itself. I needed to paint a picture and hope the reader could see the places I created.

What were the morals you were trying to capture while creating your characters?

That it doesn’t matter what color we are, what station we are born into, how much money we have… in the end when the big bad comes he won’t care what color we are just that we are to be eradicated. The whole human race.

That you don’t have to be “born” into a family to have people love you and be willing to die for you. That people from diverse backgrounds can come together and forget their differences and end up respecting and caring for one another.

Courage, friendship, love, trust, hope is all the morals in all my characters. This book is about the dark side of humans, but it also about humans at their best and how we can fight back the hordes of hell to save our planet.

Can you tell us more about what’s in store for Eve and the direction of the next book?

Eve of the Battle is the last book of the series and it takes Eve on a journey of self discovery and healing emotionally from what Randall Cambridge did to her. She learns how to be a leader and what it takes to really be a Santorian female. She has a lot still to endure and battles that will be fought with loss and consequences to every decision she makes. The last book is about losing her fear and becoming what she was meant to be… a hero.

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The DEAD are walking…
After being transported back to Virginia by an unseen force, Eve learns that Nyx has opened another seal, and released the Ancient Enemy on mankind. To stop Nyx, they must find the one weapon that will help them in the battle, the Amulet of Kvasir or let humanity face the horrors of the walking dead. But a terrible new enemy has risen to threaten Eve and her friends…an enemy so relentless, so COLD that it will take all their efforts to evade it…or be consumed by its rage.

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