Trip to America

Trip To America by [Liana Margiva]

Poetry is an interesting genre because one can interpret the words in more than one way. Poems are charming to read and also help one understand the perspective of the author. Trip To America is filled with excellent poems that one would want to read every day. Some poems are long and still exciting to read. The book is a beautiful addition to literature and great material to encourage the reading culture. The author is gentle with her words and embraces a modest tone through most parts of the book. The use of imagery, symbolism, sarcasm, and other literary stylistic devices together with the author’s astounding writing make Trip To America a future classic.

Liana Margiva writes from her heart. Her words can be felt by any reader and her message is perfectly understood. Some of the poems felt like monologues as the author made them personal. I enjoyed reading these types of poems as it enabled me to know how Liana Margiva’s mind worked. Some of the lines and phrases in the poem evoked strong emotions, some sad while others are happy. I loved reading the happy texts as much as those that had a melancholy mood. For the latter, I could feel the author’s state of mind as she penned the words.

Trip to America contains dozens of poems that anyone would love. I have a couple of pieces that I think every poetry lover should read. The first poem is among my favorites. The poem ‘Don’t Look into My Eyes’ is great because it helps us understand why it is important to have a listening ear. in the first half of the poem, we have the persona in the poem list down reasons why no one should look into their eyes. As you keep on reading, the persona later changes and says it is time to look into their eyes. I found the question and answer style in the poem to be a unique feature that would not only be appealing to the reader but also make them understand the subject matter of the poem better.

Other poems that I thoroughly enjoyed in the book were ‘To George Mateos’, ‘Don’t Call, Don’t Seek’, ‘Blue Eyes’, Pray, Linger, Soul!’, and ‘Black September’. Getting to chapter 78 was a pleasant surprise as this is where the transition from stanzas to prose happened. Reading the poems was a great experience but getting to read this beautiful narration in full sentences made Trip to America even more intriguing. One gets absorbed by the story as Liana Margiva’s narrating style is too great to not enjoy. The characters are intriguing and the storylines thrilling. The author is engaging throughout the book, making the reading experience fun and exciting. I recommend it to any reader that enjoys both poetry and prose writing.

Pages: 601 | ASIN: B08FMPV71X

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