Sorcerers’ Prayer: Book 2 – Precious Blood & Honor and Majesty

Judge Kaona is a disturbed man, wrought with depression over his wife and unborn child’s death. For a short time he found solace in opium, but even that grew to not be enough. One day while presiding over a trial, he met Mister Jones and Priestess Kalehue, also known as TuTu Lana. It is later on from these two Kaona learns the secrets of immortality by drinking from the stone that resides under his old childhood church. After drinking the water, the Blood of Christ, Kaona is visited in a vision from Jesus telling him he is preparing to return and also, that Kaona’s son is alive out in the world. From here on out Kaona’s purpose in life is to find his son, and to retain position of the stone that the Blood of Christ flows from so he can keep his immortality. He endures extreme bipolar episodes, spends time in mental institutions, jail, and eventual in seeking out training for sorcery. All in the name of vengeance for the death of his Petunia.

From the opening pages this book hits the reader with culture, history, mystery and conspiracy. The dialect took some adjusting to but once you start following the flow, the Hawaian dialect enhances the story and draws you in more. The opening section of the book is a chaotic series of events as Koana transitions from the honorable Judge to crazed Prophet leading his followers against the law and convinced of the second coming. His ability to sway people and form his cult is fascinating. Luigi Spring’s ability to develop his characters is impressive. Koana and Jimmy, as they progress through so many different stages of their immortal life, intertwine their stories and you are constantly wondering what is real and what is an act. Sorcerers’ Prayer – Precious Blood touches on the mysteries revolving around the Freemasons. This is always a topic of conspiracy theorists and expert mystery novelists. The ability to cast his spells through prayer allows Kaona to obtain his long-sought revenge without revealing himself. This twist was different than other murder mysteries I have read in the past. The ever-changing relationship between Kaona and Jimmy was engaging and unpredictable. The plot lines and twists run deep and you are never sure how it will turn out, and if you think you know, you are probably wrong because some new information will pop up. This novel isn’t what I would call an easy read, but it is an enjoyable page turner. There are a lot of flashbacks and visions mixed into the plot line. You need to pay attention to what is going on and even the smallest of details will likely be important later on and you will have that “ahh ha” moment and it will suddenly all make sense, at least for the moment. I highly recommend this novel if you are looking for an escape. Sorcerers’ Prayer is a riveting mystery novel with some of the best elements of supernatural horror that I’ve seen in a while.

Pages: 213 | ASIN: B08HZ9BL7W

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