The Symmetry of Life

Hector M Rodriguez
H.M. Rodriguez Author Interview

The Path Taken recounts your compelling father-son journey to Santiago de Compostella. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I felt it was important to recount the story for my son Simon. My hope is that he will one day look back on our trip with good memories. I hope he sees how human we all are and that we all go through life as best we can. The Camino is a strong metaphor for life. Once you complete the walk, you realize your journey has not ended, it continues. Everyday we complete short journeys as best we can. If we can help people along the way, guide some to find happiness, safety, friendship or love, then our journey has been a good one. It has been said we are all connected to everything. We are the sum of all our experiences through all time. I think the Camino helps one see the symmetry of life. I hope this story captures some of that and encourages people to seek challenging adventures. I hope those adventures enable spiritual growth and subsequently understanding and acceptance of each other, regardless of our differences.

What is one memory that you find yourself often going back to about this trip?

I find myself going back to the solitude when walking alone. I think it was a time of great reflection, self-realization and peacefulness. Silence can be so rewarding. One can find one-self when you give yourself the time.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I hope people will find inspiration to challenge themselves to take risks and indulge themselves in uncommon adventures. I would want people to muster up the courage to go and do things that can change their perspective on society and what is truly valuable. I think family is one of the most valuable things we have. Family does not have to be by blood. It can be the people you meet along your Camino of life.

Do you have any future trips planned?

Yes! I find myself going on adventures all the time. I do a lot of bike riding and hiking. I started a trip across the US from San Diego to St. Augustine FL. last March. Then Covid became an obstacle. I hit Del Rio, Texas (1600 miles) and decided to postpone the completion. I plan to continue the ride in March. Then I plan to take passage on a freighter ship to the east. I want to go to outer Mongolia by foot. I’ll keep you posted on that adventure. I typically travel alone…but I am open to like minded travelers. I like to travel lite!

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This is a story about an aging boomer and his young sons’ pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago. In the summer of 2016, they set out from their home in Oregon and embark on an adventure that reeks of humanity and humans. The story captures everyday people, events, laughs, cries, dinners, the pain of blisters, the healing of the soul and the opening of the mind. It’s about the people they met along their forty-four day journey. It is said miracles happen on the Camino de Santiago, and people along the way provide opportunities to share experiences and humanity in the rawest sense. Miracles do happen on the Camino and this story is a peek into how life’s journey and adventures can touch the soul.

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