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Steve Zimcosky Author Interview
Steve Zimcosky Author Interview

The Lineage Sword follows the Polish Dragon P.I. on a case that leads him into the realm of the Waiting Warriors. What inspired you to write this story?

Over the last several years a few of my Tai Chi students had asked me why I haven’t written a mystery about Tai Chi and I really had no idea about where to begin. Then I came across some martial arts stories about how the leadership of a school is passed down in the more traditional schools. The master when he is ready to retire or is near death will appoint his most senior student to take over and generally that turns out to be the oldest son. The Waiting Warriors came into play when I came up with the idea that, what if, when the last emperor of China fell that there was a secretly formed alliance of all of the old guards with one specific purpose. That purpose was to continue to train and wait for the fall of the Nationalist government of China and they could then re-instate the emperor. In the years that followed the alliance became worldwide and they continue to train and pass the training down through their families, still hoping for the return of the emperor. So, this story is dedicated to my Tai Chi students and martial artists everywhere.

I enjoyed the brevity of the story but because I love diving into Polish Dragon stories, I wanted there to be more. What inspired you to write a short story?

I like writing shorter stories so that people can read them in one sitting or one day. Some people have mentioned how they wish they could finish a story while riding the train or taking the bus to work. They don’t like to have to keep going back to the story and then they feel like they lose interest. If they could start a book and finish it in a short time they almost get the full sense of the story without, what some call, the mundane details. I want to give my readers the best parts of the story in a short amount of time. Plus, all of the Polish Dragon stories are linked together in some way.

I enjoyed the exotic location of the story. Do you have any personal experience in these places?

No, I have no personal experiences with these places as of yet. I do have them on my bucket list and hope to reach them soon. The Taiwan location came from my stepson and daughter-in-law’s blog, Nom_Life, and they gave me permission to use the descriptions and pictures for the book. When reading their post, I fell in love with the descriptions and the views that they shared. It was as if I was there and I could see and feel and hear all that was going on. I also did some research on the locations to add more to the storyline and there was quite a lot to learn about Jiufen. Mainland China was basically my idea of what the area might be like although the mountain range was real and I came to find out that Dreamworks used the famous mountain in their movie Kung Fu Panda.

What is the next Polish Dragon P. I. adventure that you are working on and when will it be available?

Our dim sum loving P. I. has been hired to investigate the death of two employees from a material handling company who have died from an overdose of heroin. The coroner rules them as death by misadventure but the president of the company feels that is something more sinister going on in his company. The Polish Dragon is referred to him by FBI agent Jalowiec and he must now go undercover as an employee to discover what might be happening there if anything at all. I am planning on having it finished mid to late summer, so stay tuned.

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A young man whose family immigrated to the United States from Taiwan disappears right after his father’s death. He was to inherit his father’s martial arts school as is the tradition and the lineage sword was to be passed on to him. It to has disappeared and the Polish Dragon P. I. is called in to help find them both. It will not be an easy task as his investigation takes him to Taiwan and into the realm of the Guard Corp who were the protectors of the Chinese Emperor. As of now known only as the Waiting Warriors.

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