Hourglass Socioeconomics: Principles & Fundamentals

Blaine Stewart wrote an insightful book about socioeconomics; principles and the fundamentals of economics. The author aims to get to the average person and thus uses modest language that many can understand. I like Blaine Stewart’s style of writing as he is direct. Each topic comes with something that is helpful to readers. Hourglass socioeconomics: Principles & Fundamentals is a great financial guide for people that are not in finance but want to get in the sector and help better the economy. The topics in the book are carefully selected, well researched and properly arranged. The author examines different financial systems, taxes, and various theories that define the socioeconomic status of different communities. Reading this book was an amazing experience as one is schooled on the basics, nitty-gritties of economic systems.

One gets to learn a lot about running and managing financial systems whether for a corporations or for individual parties. The whole book has gems of knowledge that any tax-paying adult would want to learn about. There are several topics that I found useful in the book. The topics were special to me because they gave me tips on how to run a business, planning, executing the plan, offer financial advice and how to cooperate with government entities when necessary.

This book also includes illustrations like graphs and formulas to further expound on points. Blaine Stewart uses facts based on statistics and real happenings too. He tries to engage the reader on several topics by asking questions mid discussion, telling a historical detail, or adding a fun fact. It does not matter if you are in government or the private sector, Blaine Stewart has everyone covered. This book also teaches one the importance of networking and forming connections. The author writes about different groups that achieved their goals by teaming up and thinking outside the box.

Hourglass Socioeconomics: Principles & Fundamentals is enlightening and informative. Blaine Stewart put in extra effort to ensure that his readers get to understand every concept in the book. One of the elements that made reading this book easy is how brief the discussions were. The author ensured that he captured all the important points with just a few words. Hourglass Socioeconomics: Principles & Fundamentals articulates the intricacies of socioeconomics in an easy to understand manner that is deeply intriguing.

Pages: 110 | ASIN: B08R7W22LC

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