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Hourglass Socioeconomics: Principles & Fundamentals

Blaine Stewart wrote an insightful book about socioeconomics; principles and the fundamentals of economics. The author aims to get to the average person and thus uses modest language that many can understand. I like Blaine Stewart’s style of writing as he is direct. Each topic comes with something that is helpful to readers. Hourglass socioeconomics: Principles & Fundamentals is a great financial guide for people that are not in finance but want to get in the sector and help better the economy. The topics in the book are carefully selected, well researched and properly arranged. The author examines different financial systems, taxes, and various theories that define the socioeconomic status of different communities. Reading this book was an amazing experience as one is schooled on the basics, nitty-gritties of economic systems.

One gets to learn a lot about running and managing financial systems whether for a corporations or for individual parties. The whole book has gems of knowledge that any tax-paying adult would want to learn about. There are several topics that I found useful in the book. The topics were special to me because they gave me tips on how to run a business, planning, executing the plan, offer financial advice and how to cooperate with government entities when necessary.

This book also includes illustrations like graphs and formulas to further expound on points. Blaine Stewart uses facts based on statistics and real happenings too. He tries to engage the reader on several topics by asking questions mid discussion, telling a historical detail, or adding a fun fact. It does not matter if you are in government or the private sector, Blaine Stewart has everyone covered. This book also teaches one the importance of networking and forming connections. The author writes about different groups that achieved their goals by teaming up and thinking outside the box.

Hourglass Socioeconomics: Principles & Fundamentals is enlightening and informative. Blaine Stewart put in extra effort to ensure that his readers get to understand every concept in the book. One of the elements that made reading this book easy is how brief the discussions were. The author ensured that he captured all the important points with just a few words. Hourglass Socioeconomics: Principles & Fundamentals articulates the intricacies of socioeconomics in an easy to understand manner that is deeply intriguing.

Pages: 110 | ASIN: B08R7W22LC

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Front Porches to Front Lines

Front Porches to Front Lines: One Small Town’s Mobilization of Men, Women, Manufacturing and Money during World War One by [Perlsweig, Simon]

Simon I. Perlsweig’s historical account of the lives of the author’s great grandparents and the communication between them shows a great deal of what life in Springfield, VT was like in the 1910’s. It is very possible that without this work, much of what Perlsweig writes about in Front Porches to Front Lines: One Small Town’s Mobilization of Men, Women, Manufacturing, and Money During World War One, would never have been pieced together. It is a real pleasure to be able to experience this slice of history. Simon Perlsweig does this astoundingly and it is clearly evident that he put his heart and soul into his work.

Perlsweig’s book takes readers to Springfield, and more importantly, into the lives of a couple whose lives were greatly affected by WWI. There was, of course, the impact on the couple in question, Lawrence and Gladys, but readers are shown how everything else in the small Vermont town was changed forever, as well, and to make matters worse, war wouldn’t be the only problem faced by this couple.

Historically speaking, this work is a gem. There is a wealth of information on virtually every aspect of life in the United States in the early 20th Century, and even when the familial part of the work is not considered, Front Porches to Front Lines holds its own as a historical text due to the attention given to the social, economic, and political issues, among many more.

The research is thorough, and the writing style employed by the author is academic, while at the same time being accessible to a diverse audience. With such a breadth of information contained within the pages of this book, it’s definitely a plus using language that is not too complicated.

Another aspect of the book that many readers should enjoy is the fact that there is a large amount of authentic memorabilia from the period, including recruiting posters, family photos, government documents, and much more.

Simon I. Perlsweig’s Front Porches to Front Lines, published by Husky Trail Press LLC, is certainly a work that should not be ignored. It is not everyday that we are invited into the human experience of those who lived through one of America’s most trying times, and it’s even rarer that we get such a personal touch as the one here.

Pages: 221 | ASIN: B07MY6GLD5

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George’s Pursuit Across the Perilous Ocean

Follow George after he makes the decision to become his own boss running a small boat. Follow him through the tumultuous journey that leads him to eventually hand over reigns of a successful fleet of liners. We get to see the change in his mindset from worker to supervisor and finally, owner. It took strength, wisdom, knowledge and lots of other things. This is the story of a small business growing into a conglomerate, from a toddler to a fully legal human being.

According to research, only about half of the business started will still stand strong in five years time. This is quite sad for a world where entrepreneurship is highly encouraged. This book is meant to decrease this percentage. One will learn to grow their business from a period of feast and famine to a period where the business comfortably stands on its own, where the welfare and life of the business are not threatened by regular/normal business occurrences. Like a windfall of clients for example.

According to Ray Moore, one should not wait until the growth occurs. They should anticipate it. To successfully go through these growth moments, one requires a vision. They must also keep the business in balance. That is time, team, delivery and money. They must all be applied in appropriate proportions. One must set out the stall for growth. Managing the mindset is the final condition.

This is a short book, that means that the information is presented in a compact package. The whole book is presented as a metaphor. This makes the book highly appealing. It is useful even for those who do not like or have the time to read. It is sober advice from an experienced person. It is advice that actually makes a lot of sense. The steps and tips are easy to follow and understand. One thing that readers will definitely appreciate is that the author does not use complicated business words. He shows the reader how to manage a business without confusing them with difficult economic jargon.

The author outlines the common mistakes entrepreneurs make. He shows what happens to the business after the mistakes are made. He then turns around and outlines the proper way to handle such turning points so that fatal mistakes are not made.

This is a fantastic business guide that provides an easy to understand road-map for getting from a small flailing venture to a successful business. Regardless of the goal, it can be achieved by following these simple directions. Five stars out of five for this crash course in entrepreneurship.

Pages: 52 | ISBN: 1721213287

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