Sin Eater

Sin Eater by [Amanda Denham]

Sin Eater by Amanda Denham is a riveting dark urban fantasy novel that explores of identity, memory, and facing your past. The story follows Jayde Holloway, a young woman with an incredible but troublesome gift.  She has returned to her small hometown in the southern states for a specific purpose – to make someone forget.  She is forced to spend her life hiding behind disguises, but in an unguarded moment she meets a duo who cause her to question her calling, and she finds herself longing to escape, what seems to be, her inevitable destiny. 

The opening language is carefully chosen; at this point you don’t know who is telling the story. The flashbacks quickly build suspense, and without knowing what was so catastrophic or why, you are instantly intrigued.

What I really enjoyed about this novel was the unique tone that is effortlessly conjured; I got a bit of a dystopian world vibe with vaguely foreboding overtones and a sense of adventure underlying all of it. Jayde’s relationship with her work handler, Jak, is defined by a claustrophobic sense of manipulation, as when she seeks his permission to visit her former home. At all times, you feel eyes following her.

I do wonder why, if Jayde is required to be anonymous and forgettable, her costumes are so outlandish. If that’s an intentional contradiction, then that relationship could be more clearly articulated. In either case, it was something I looked forward to.

Sin Eater has one of the most compelling lead characters I’ve read this year. The idea behind the story felt original, with some insightful moments and vivid imagery. 

The ending left me feeling a combination of hopeful and doubtful. Hopeful that Jayde will overcome what or who controls her, and doubtful that it could be possible. It’s so very nearly an excellent conclusion to what was an imaginative paranormal adventure. 

Sin Eater was superbly original, with a well-articulated tone that I relished, and a thick atmosphere that one will only find in top shelf fantasy.

Pages: 220 | ASIN: B08WKS8XJ6

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