The Social Implications

Kyra Anderson
Kyra Anderson Author Interview

The Significant is a thrilling sci-fi romance novel with thoughtful commentary on society. Was this intentional or did this happen organically while writing?

Some of the social commentary was intentional, but with the setup of a society that no longer speaks face-to-face and interacts more with technology than people ended up having a lot more nuances that made for more organic social commentary as I was writing it and realized how deeply such a society would affect people.

The relationship between the characters in the novel felt organic and authentic. What were some ideas that guided the development of their relationship?

I wanted to be sure that all the characters had a strong interpersonal relationship with one another since it was so difficult in that society to have close friends, so the friendships or relationships that did occur between characters would be authentic within their setting and their world. I also wanted each relationship to be deep and profound, so I tried to make each relationship nuanced.

I enjoyed the world you’ve built in this story. What were some sources that informed the backstory of your book?

I really love books and movies and while the theme of computers taking over the world because they think humans are incapable of governing themselves is not a new theme, I tried to extrapolate how far technology could be taken on a brand new world built by automated machines and computers. And then I spent a lot of time people watching and going back through my psychology and sociology studies from university to determine how people would likely behave with technology so engrained in their lives. It was mostly a lot of thought exercises and trying to take a more realistic approach to the social implications that could come from such a world.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The next new book I’m working on is the first in a series of science fiction/space opera novels. The first one will be available in Fall 2022.

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The beloved leader of a planet…
A non-citizen fugitive…
And a secret love that could kill them both.

Kailynn Evada was born on the most powerful planet in the Altereye System, but was raised in the non-citizen district of Trid. She always dreamed of revolution and changing the injustices of the planet Tiao. But when her brother’s plot to destroy the A.I. that runs the planet falls apart, Kailynn finds herself struggling to save his life.

Armed with false citizenship and determination to save her brother from execution, Kailynn finds work in the capital city, Anon, as a Significant—a person paid to act as a friend to clients.

When a secret request for Significant companionship comes in, the pay drives Kailynn to accept the job. However, she soon discovers that her client is the most powerful person in the planetary system—Elite Isa, leader of the Elite Syndicate of Tiao who is genetically altered for perfection and forbidden from intimate relationships. The undeniable attraction between the two leads to a secret love that could kill them both.

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