Sweet Dreams at The Palace Hotel (Creekside Dreams Book 1)

Sweet Dreams at The Palace Hotel (Creekside Dreams Book 1) by [Stella Jayne Phillips]

Nikki Benton is starting over. She is the new owner of a hotel steeped in history and inhabited by the ghost of a woman not unlike Nikki herself. Nikki brings with her all the determination of a woman dead set on a new beginning, but she is burdened by the sadness of memories. There is a certain level of anxiety with which she must contend on a daily basis. Victoria, the ghost of The Palace Hotel, can feel Nikki’s apprehension, and her presence somehow comforts Nikki. When the past comes calling, Victoria may just be the only one who truly understands Nikki’s sadness.

Sweet Dreams at the Palace Hotel: Creekside Dreams, Book One, by Stella Jayne Phillips, is centered around Nikki Benton. She is diving headfirst into her new position as owner of The Palace Hotel. To most, her goal is to bring the hotel back to life, but Nikki’s true intention is to find herself again after a harrowing loss that continues to haunt her.

I love the theme of haunting memories that permeates Phillips’s work. From the backdrop of the hotel and the character of Victoria to Nikki’s own past, the book is based on the very real pain of life’s worst losses. Victoria’s presence as the hotel’s ghost is a comfort to both characters and readers. She adds a wonderful element to each chapter and remains just enough of a mystery to keep readers on their toes as Nikki’s story unfolds.

The historical tidbits prefacing the chapters add a fantastic touch to the book’s overall feel. To a certain degree, I wanted to believe Nikki and Victoria’s stories were true–wanted to know their connection existed somewhere in time. Phillips has created a truly lovely dynamic between this unique pair of characters.

A huge fan of ghost stories, I was especially taken with the way in which the guests of the hotel reacted to Victoria. I loved seeing the way in which Phillips chose to have the secondary characters experience Victoria’s presence. She is a unique and integral part of the story, and Phillips allows her to remain an enigma for much of the book.

Sweet Dreams at the Palace Hotel: Creekside Dreams, Book One, by Stella Jayne Phillips is a highly recommend mystery series for anyone seeking a ghost story peppered with romance. Phillips has crafted a beautiful story that will leave readers eager for the next installment.

Pages: 226 | ASIN: B07YCX3CT7

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