The Tempter’s Bane

The Tempter’s Bane, by Kyle McCurry, is the second book in The Drifter’s Road duology. After escaping the Goblin King, a wounded Adroegen and his friends are hunted by vengeful goblins. Adroegen’s group is split up: Caitren is captured by their assailants and taken to the Dark Lord Vyroun, Gleowan and Vaenn follow them to rescue her, and Edelbir and Kattalin search for Adroegen, presumed dead after a fall off a cliff. Each of their harrowing quests reveals new allies and new dangers, while war brews on the horizon as Vyroun prepares to take over the kingdoms of men.

Picking up right after the Goblin King has been killed, this rousing story immediately pulls the reader in: the goblins hunting our heroes breathe down our neck as well, and every stumble and fall feels more dangerous for the characters than the previous one. The world we enter is vivid and the depth of the lore helps to immerse readers in the story. Just as in the previous novel we come to easily relate and empathize with some fascinating characters. The multiple points of views are well done, if at times repetitive. I particularly applaud the narrations of Adroegen and Caitren, which give us insights into those two particular characters and allowed for a better understanding of their struggles. The interweaving narratives is handled well and serves to build a high level of intrigue throughout the novel. Adroegen’s world is full of wonders and feels inspired by classic sword and sorcery novels.

The Tempter’s Bane follows a riveting storyline; with the kingdoms of men opposing a dark lord who fear the heir of a prestigious line of heroes. While I would have appreciated a bit more complexity in the story and characters, The Tempter’s Bane is still an enchanting epic fantasy novel that applies the authors unique flair to the traditional hero’s journey in a way that will appeal to fantasy fans looking for an easy by immensely enjoyable read.

Pages: 380 | ISBN: 1637529368

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