Fostering Energy: Cherish Your Energy for a Pleasant Spirit

Fostering Energy: Cherish Your Energy for a Pleasant Spirit by [Kyle Pleasant LMT]

Kyle Pleasant LMT wants you to take control of your surroundings. He wants you as a reader to be in charge of your life and anything that you invite into your space. In his book Fostering Energy: Cherish Your Energy for a Pleasant Spirit, author Kyle Pleasant writes about the different energies around us and how we can convert negative energies into positive energies. The author uses real life experiences and situations that he has gone through to demonstrate that there is more to life than just existing and going about your usual routines. This book is like a life manual that is full of positive affirmations and lessons that will help readers navigate life in a more constructive and positive way. Kyle Pleasant LMT uses friendly language and pertinent examples that readers can easily comprehend.

I found every chapter in Fostering Energy: Cherish Your Energy for a Pleasant Spirit to be useful. The book is divided into three sections and ten chapters, Each section focuses on a main topic while chapters consist of sub topics. The first section is about discovering one’s value. I found this section to be crucial. In the section, we learn about boosting our self esteem and being proud of what we have achieved. Section two of the book was on cherishing your energy. I loved the chapters under this section because of the numerous lessons they had. My favorite take from this section was being mindful of what we say and how we think as whatever we confess, we profess.

Kyle Pleasant knows the right words to use and will emphasize a subject when he feels it is too important to only be read once. I enjoyed tales about his experiences and the lessons he learned. Through his life, I learned why it is important to take it one step at a time. This book has the power to make you forget about your bad experiences and focus on what brings you peace. Through the book, we learn that we project whatever feeling we are going through, whether knowingly or unknowingly. This book gives readers the tools they need to control their issues.

The last chapters are among the most important chapters for anyone that is conscious about their health. The author writes about mental health, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health and being of service in the last section.

Fostering Energy: Cherish Your Energy for a Pleasant Spirit has the potential to make you a wholesome individual; physically, spiritually, and also help you balance energies in your life.

Pages: 100 | ASIN: B08ZCKVX57

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