The Journey to Finding My Way

Rachael Higgins
Rachael Higgins Author Interview

Twinkle’s Starlight follows a star on a journey through the universe to find its light. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

My inspiration for Twinkle’s Starlight came from a self-reflection of my own experience. I spent my twenties studying and travelling, trying to find my place in the universe. Sometimes I looked for answers in the wrong places, but it was all part of the journey to finding my way to becoming who I am. It is, and was, an adventure of self-discovery, which I think is a lifelong quest for us all as we each navigate our way through different or similar circumstances. We all have our own light within us, and once found, we should let it shine as brightly as we can, so we can guide others when the opportunity arises to do so.

I loved the beautiful art pieces in this book. What was the art collaboration like with illustrator Carole Higgins?

The collaboration with Carole Higgins was an awesome experience. Once I had formed the script of the story, I passed the manuscript on to Carole to create the illustrations. All the artwork is Carole’s visual perception of the message found within the text, there was no storyboarding, just “this is the story, would you like to do the illustrations?” Which is a totally different technique to how Carole usually works.

On canvas, Carole would usually use a live or photographic reference for the portrait interpretation. She did an amazing job in rising to the new challenge of book illustration. Carole is an amazingly creative and imaginative artist, and the person who I have to thank for my own creativity as ‘Twinkle’s Starlight’ was the result of mother-daughter collaboration.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The main theme of importance for me is that through our individual life journeys we will encounter times of struggle, excitement, despair, loneliness, happiness, companionship and so on. But in the end, when we achieve our goals, and find where we belong, it will all be worth it as long as we don’t give up.

Sometimes other people might not be willing or able to help, or simply do not agree with the path we are on.

Sometimes you might not be willing or able to receive the help that is offered. Sometimes you might be walking with someone on parallel paths that seem the same but eventually diverge.

Sometimes you will be on the path entirely alone.

And sometimes you will be surrounded by people.

In every circumstance, it is ok, and you will find your way as long as you keep going. I would be lying if I said I had all this figured out in my own life. But that is what ‘Twinkle’s Starlight’ is all about – the journey of figuring out where you belong in life, and looking toward the future.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

As author, I am currently working on another illustrated children’s book. The availability is yet to be confirmed.

In an editorial role, ‘You Can’t Ride a Yak: Looking for yaks and finding God’s call in Nepal’ written by Sarah Reardon was recently released by Ark House. ‘You Can’t Ride a Yak,’ is the autobiography of Sarah’s journey in founding the Wise Woman Project charity organisation. It is an amazing story of strength, faith, hope, and love for both people and country. The book is available for purchase from the WWP website ( and Ark House Press (

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Twinkle shines brightly over the heavens and earth, among all the other stars. Then one night, the little star loses his starlight and must journey across the universe to find Sol. Along the way, the little star encounters the many planets of the Milky Way. Will Twinkle succeed in his quest to find starlight, and shine brightly once more?

Twinkle’s Starlight is an illustrated children’s book that explores the effects of losing sight of self and purpose. As the star travels through the universe to find it’s light once more, Twinkle seeks help from all the planets. The moral of the story highlights that it is alright to need and seek help. However, life is a journey and seeking the right people for support is important in keeping motivated to achieve goals. It takes dedication and commitment to succeed and keep the passion alive.

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