Achiever’s Trail – The Beginning

Achiever's Trail – the Beginning by [Sorens Rughooputh]

Chapter 1 of Achiever’s Trail – The Beginning starts with a Martin Luther King Jr. quote; “Take the first step in faith. You do not have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step”. While reading this chapter, I got to understand why the author picked this particular quote. The first chapter is about believing, having faith and achieving set goals. The tone the author uses is warm and friendly. The author starts the book by sharing his story growing up. He tells of his experiences living in Palma, Mauritius, and how life was back then. The stories about life in the small African island nation in the Indian Ocean were interesting to hear. I especially loved reading of the simple and happy times because I could relate to his story.

Sorens Rughooputh is an amazing narrator. While talking of his family, and the people he grew up with, one can tell how passionate he is about life. Reading the author’s text makes readers appreciate the little things that we take for granted. Having a loving family and close friends that support you is a blessing many wish to enjoy. Sorens Rughooputh’s story is that which everyone should follow. I appreciate the author for always paying homage to his seniors and those that led the way before him. It is beautiful seeing people remember where they came from and the people that they grew up with. The first chapter alone will have you reflect on so many things in life, and have you be thankful to your parents for their sacrifices.

Every chapter written by Sorens Rughooputh is special. This enlightening book prepares readers for a successful and brighter future. The first chapters of the book are about finding self, nurturing skills and talents, networking and being positive while the last chapters talk about maintaining a good framing, growth in life, and handling success among other things. This book is refreshing. The author is authentic and one can feel the impact of his words. Achiever’s Trail – The Beginning is an illuminating book that will help readers develop personal skills needed to transform their lives. By the end of the reading, you get to understand why life’s challenges are vital in growing. The author writes about the many times he failed, gave up but rose again. That was encouraging.

One of the many things that I will appreciate about Achiever’s Trail – The Beginning is how natural the author sounds. He does not force narratives nor does he insist that his path is the only correct way. Sorens Rughooputh writes knowing that everyone has a different childhood and adulthood experience. I love that he mentions the importance of education and talks of everything he has concurred. This book has the potential to transform you.

Pages: 126 | ASIN: B088LT3SWB

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