Dark Forces

Dark Forces: Book 1: The Dream Corporation by [Michael TT Williams]

The genius, Tarot, creates an AI-powered machine that helps people take control of their dreams. It gets people into a state where they can experience whatever they desire in the dream world while asleep regardless of who they are in the real world. The program runs smoothly until Dreamcorp, the company in charge, begins to notice disturbing events. Suddenly people are losing control of their dreams and getting stuck in them. Some regain consciousness after suffering severe brain damage. It turns out a sinister and possibly sentient virus has infected the system and intends to tear it down while hurting as many people as possible.

Tarot must build a team of special people who can fight the virus and save thousands from losing their minds or remaining in the dream world for life. But, strangely, more problems start popping up, and even the earth is on the verge of utter destruction. Are these impending disasters somehow linked to Tarot’s invention? What’s the dark force threatening to wipe out humanity, and can Tarot and his team save the real world from the dream world?

Michael TT Williams’ Dark Forces is a contemplative and sci-fi novel filled with mind-tingling concepts. Interestingly, William keep the story intriguing while he nerds out over subjects like AI, quantum physics, and consciousness.

World development is also superb. The story switches between Earth and a dream world where you see vivid and creative elements. Williams weaves a unique mix of attractions by blending surreal elements in the dream world with details from history and myths.

I love that Williams crafts the plot so that it branches out in several directions. It feels like you’re reading multiple stories within one story, with all converging at a point. It’s beautiful chaos. But you have to pay close attention and refer to the character list a few times to keep track of things.

While there’s no fluff you have to work your way through, Williams builds towards the climax at a steady pace, constantly elevating the level of intrigue and suspense. Brick by brick, he crafts a storyline slowly hurtling towards utter chaos in a way that keeps you turning the pages, wondering what happens next.

I have read so much fiction this year, but Williams’ work turned out to be a fresh dose of deeply imaginative storytelling. Dark Forces: Book 1 is a thought-provoking science fiction adventure novel that is a fantastic start to what is sure to be a creative techno thriller series.

Pages: 196 | ASIN: B0937MSJRJ

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