Texas Dead

Texas Dead: A Mackenzie Michaels Mystery by [William Gensburger]

Texas Dead by William Gensburger follows cunning Detective Maxie who is tasked with solving a murder case that proves to be much more complex the more she digs. Maxie and her detective partner are investigating the death of a well-respected and liked citizen of Corpus Christi, Texas. The town is under a lethal threat of international terrorists and the council is compromised. No one can be trusted and Maxie is left on thin ice.

This story takes readers on an odyssey of love and friendship amidst the chaos of a harrowing crime. Maxie, the young detective thriving in her field of work, along with her good friend and colleague Jameson must work together with the victims’ cousin Devin, who might be a little more than friends with her.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not your average gritty murder mystery. There is plenty of humor injected into the story to make this hard-boiled mystery feel light and fun as well as deeply intriguing. The book uses real-life references like Covid-19 and Elon Musk’s SpaceX to keep the story feeling relevant. I can not hold back from appreciating the author’s talent in conveying a traumatic experience like paralysis in a motivational and rather cutesy way. The impossible romance between a handicapped person and a gorgeous woman has been depicted as so seamless, which makes me dream about a world without discrimination.

We are provided with vivid scenes and backdrops that really bring the story to life, but I felt they were sometimes lengthy. There is a variety of interesting characters in the story, but the number can be a bit to wrap your head around at first. But the story grows more interesting because of it, so I was enthralled with the story be the end.

Texas Dead kept me curious and captivated the whole time. This is a thrilling crime fiction novel with brave-hearted characters, intelligent decisions, and shocking revelations.

Pages: 286 | ASIN: B093FZFMRH

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  1. “Texas born, Texas bred, when I die I’ll be Texas dead” = what you say when signing up to donate your body to the University of Texas Health Science Center.


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