A Viral Imperium

A Viral Imperium: The Plagueborn Series Book 1 by [Darren Joy]

A Viral Imperium follows Threadfin Todder, a reliable and idealistic character with clear motives that is fun to follow throughout this dark fantasy novel. He has strong morals, a sharp tongue and a clear vision on how he sees his world. Threadfin sets off on a journey to keep himself and the people he cares about safe while he is sought after by different characters with different motives. He seeks freedom for himself and to keep the darkness of his world at bay. During his journey he often gets visions of his sister who seems to be in need of help, this threatens to derail Threadfin from his main goal, as he often is left deeply worried about her.

This is an enthralling fantasy novel with a wonderfully deep backstory that is well conceived and unveiled in a way that always seems like there is more to uncover. At its core the story is about protecting worlds and defending them from the undead. The atmosphere of the book is mysterious and secretive with a lot of the plot taking place in dungeons or in the wild. The story does a great job of laying the groundwork for different places and settings that beg to be explored further but just feel like part of the worlds lore; which brings me to compare this to Game of Thrones in how names of people and places are provided and they slowly start to fall into pace in dramatic fashion as the story progresses.

The story jumps from perspective to perspective, every chapter often following a different character. This ensures readers are constantly engaged with the story to make sure we know who we are following and what is going on; again a fantastic parallel to the superb writing of George R. R. Martin. I spent a good portion of the novel intrigued with piecing together the connections and once I understood how all the minor story lines related to the main story line of Threadfin I was engrossed with the story.

All the characters in the story felt well developed as well, with their own interesting quirks and particular personalities that made them creative if not relatable.

A Viral Imperium is an epic fantasy novel for readers that enjoy their fiction deep, layered, and thoughtful. This was a fun sword and sorcery novel that utilizes Greek and Roman mythology in imaginative ways.

Pages: 403 | ASIN: B099644WYP

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