Three Days to Darkness

Three Days to Darkness: Three days to save the world. Only three people to help. Three lessons to learn. by [David Gittlin]

Three Days to Darkness by David Gittlin is a supernatural thriller that takes readers to a unique afterlife that answers the question, “what happens to us when we die”. When Darius passes on to heaven, not all is as it seems and instead of resting, he is sent on a very important mission to recruit humans to save themselves from their impending doom. Darius must grapple with what he thought he knew of Heaven and what he believes he can do to save all of mankind.

Author David Gittlin immediately throws the reader straight into the action. Darius is an intriguing character and we follow him to the afterlife where the the main quest of the story begins. I love this because I don’t like waiting to know what a story is about. In Three Days to Darkness we know what we’re in for quickly. This also sets the tone for a relentless page-turner that hurls us through events that are both shocking and emotional. The sharp prose elevated the story and supported the quick pace by keeping things focused on the important aspects, removing any filler, and ensuring readers know just enough to keep them intrigued, but leaves readers with plenty of questions to be answered. This novel has a unique twist to the Christian mythology and I would have loved a deeper dive that would have explained things a bit more and expanded the characters as well, otherwise there is a constant air of mystery and intrigue that permeates the whole story.

While I sometimes had a hard time keeping up with the events of the novel, I did find myself intrigued by the characters Javon and Darius and their journeys to work together to complete this Heaven-given mission. The combination of Javon’s quick wit and Darius’s calm and concise demeanor proved to be a powerful and entertaining duo that I thoroughly enjoyed following throughout the book. One aspect of this story that I was pleasantly surprised with was the amount of comedy found in its pages. Despite the novel focusing on dire situations and the very concept of life and death, Gittlin makes sure to lighten the mood with moments that explore the softer side of humanity.

Three Days to Darkness is a fascinating science fiction novel that plays with the idea of the afterlife in entertaining and intriguing ways that kept me constantly engaged.

Pages: 290 | ASIN: B00JDQU7JG

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