The Soulful Entrepreneur

The Soulful Entrepreneur: A Biz Life Worth Living

The Soulful Entrepreneur is an exceptional resource for business-minded people that are ready to give their all when starting a business. When you read the book, you realize that running a business is not trouble-free. It takes time, effort, commitment, and discipline among many other things. Karen Mc Dermott is here to tell all aspiring entrepreneurs that it may be difficult at first, but it is possible. I like the positivity that is infused throughout the book. The author uses positive elements to explain concepts and to guide readers on how to approach the entrepreneur life. Karen M Dermott is great with storytelling. She narrates tales of her journey in the entrepreneur world. For someone that wanted to have a publishing house in 25 years but instead achieved her goal in 7 years, Karen Mc Dermott has a lot of wisdom to share with people that have similar goals like she had.

After ‘Introduction, and ‘The Call’, I loved the chapter on ‘Inspired Thoughts’. This chapter was relevant to me but it stood out to me because of how Karen allowed us to be part of her journey and thought process. The author shares intimate moments, deep thoughts, and talks of her plans and how she executes them. Another great chapter I enjoyed was on the power of yes and no. When do you know it is time to turn down something or embrace it? This topic will be helpful to people that often doubt themselves or are not sure of which steps to take. The author writes extensively about expressing yourself, knowing your limits, and which path to take.

The Soulful Entrepreneur is an interesting read because one gets the impression of being in a cool entrepreneurship class. Reading about real-life stories, the author’s interactions, her wins, losses, challenges, and experiences that other entrepreneurs go through was fun. The author gives wisdom on how to start, how to rise after a fall, and how to avoid missteps. There is so much one can learn in this book. The content is refreshing and the author is candid about everything she writes about. Reading this book was eye-opening and I would recommend it to readers that are looking for inspiration and those that enjoy reading success stories.

Pages: 137

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