Whelm by [Aimee Meheden-Friesen]

Whelm by Aimee Meheden-Friesen is an interesting romance story  following a young woman from an affluent family named Audra. She leaves behind her life of luxury and her infidel boyfriend Dalton, prompted by depression and severe anxiety. The story takes multiple twists and turns, but at the end of it, readers get a glimpse of the much-awaited light at the end of the tunnel.

Besides her psychological disorder, the plot focuses on the family conflict and romantic inclination of Audra, but more than being a love story, this is a novel about Audra rediscovering herself. After being bogged down with mental health issues for a long time, Audra finds a sense of purpose in life and decides to go back to university to become a school teacher. She finds love in Teddy, a man who is far removed from the world of glitz and glamour that Audra is accustomed to. The story dives deep into the nature of depression, the duality of the human mind, as well as abuse and trauma. There are vivid descriptions of the physiological and psychological impact of depression, concealed with the subtle but profound language so as to not trigger the reader. But in the end, optimism becomes victorious, and the unflinching willpower to live a happy and purposeful life helps the protagonist sail through. 

Whelm communicates a powerful message with easy-flowing language. The characters are well-developed and feel authentic, and the plot is truly gripping. Each and every character has been explored with great care, adding dimension to the story.  I feel that a few chapters in the middle of the book could have been shortened, but thanks to its lucid and effortless diction, there is not much room for complaint. 

This is an emotionally resonant romance novel that explores mental health through a unique and candid lens that will keep readers engaged throughout this impassioned story.

Pages: 338 | ASIN: B09CGHS4KX

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