The Great Cyprus Think Tank

Larry Lockridge has a way with words and will have the reader hooked from the first page. The Great Cyprus Think Tank may appear like it is starting slow, but the reader soon realizes that the writing style Larry Lockridge applied was best suited for the book. You get to read a paragraph and enjoy the narration even before getting the full concept of what is happening. The Great Cyprus Think Tank is your ideal book if you enjoy deep stories that have real life lessons that touch on various phases of a man and different sectors in the running of a nation.

The Great Cyprus Think Tank is a great book to read if you enjoy political satire, discussions on contemporary society and insightful exploration of issues that affect human beings. The book is set in the distant future. In the book, we follow the story of Bart Beasley, a somewhat miserable Canadian author of cultural memoirs. In his misery, Bart Beasley has always wanted to go back to Cyprus. This country is special and significant to the Canadian author as it is the place where he spent his younger years and also made major memories. Bart Beasley treasured his time in Cyprus and the reader can see why. As a reader, you get to visualize the time in Cyprus and get to virtually experience the country.

The country is in the middle of political turbulence. Everything seems to be in disarray and citizens appear to be in anarchy. The social, political, economic and even environmental state of the nation is nothing but disorder. The rising sea levels are a threat to the renowned sea turtles, songbirds are being eliminated by native epicures, and Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Bart Beasley decides to create a think tank of experts. They include a zoologist, meteorologist, neurologist and others. Though professionals, these experts have some flaws, which made their characters more interesting, grounded and authentic. I loved how Bart’s mind worked. In some instances, the reader would feel that the Canadian author is trying too hard, but Larry Lockridge would soon show a different side of him that the reader never expected. Bart is an excellent main character; entertaining to follow, unpredictable, but also solid on whatever stance he took.

Larry Lockridge wrote an exciting book that will get one to think about the future, human activity, governments and how nature can be kind or cruel depending on what path humans choose. The Great Cyprus Think Tank has a lot of political themes, which was great to read especially for readers that enjoy stories on governance, civics and political satire. Larry Lockridge was also exceptional with the description of events especially when the storyline had romance and human struggles in it.

Pages: 202 | ASIN: B09FS83VWX

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