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Delilah & Samson Adventures World – Book Trailer

This fictional story following the adventures of Delilah and her dog companion Samson, their adventures start out when Delilah is a child till the time she is in her teenage years. With heroic elements, Delilah is a voice and force to be reckoned with when it comes to saving the lives of innocent animals. Before each story, there is a short introduction about different animals,, teaching children basic facts and providing entertainment as well.

About the Author:
Miz Marta was born in Puerto Rico. She comes from a large family and has always had the desire to write and become an author. She is happily married to her husband Jaime and resides in Orlando, Florida.

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Critically Endangered

Wayne Gerard Trotman
Wayne Gerard Trotman Author Interview

A Letter from a Gorilla explains the man-made dangers that gorillas face and tells readers, in a cute rhyming story, what can be done about it. Why was this an important story for you to tell?

Gorillas are the closest living relatives to humans after chimpanzees and bonobos and are among the most endangered apes in the world. Both the Eastern and Western Gorillas are critically endangered, despite having a population as high as 200,000 individuals. Human activities cause the main threats to their survival, such as poaching, habitat destruction, and disease. By educating future generations, we can help ensure the survival of these gentle creatures that are so similar to us.

What is one simple thing that people can do that will help gorillas?

Donating to conservation organizations that protect mountain gorillas is probably the most effective way to help the species. Even if we cannot help financially, we can all become more mindful of our impact on the environment and adjust our habits.

If someone wanted to take action and help gorillas in a big way, what should they do?

Some people, such as Dian Fossey, have dedicated their lives to the welfare of gorillas and paid the ultimate price. However, we can all make our voices heard to lawmakers and government officials to support conservation efforts.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

We can all make a difference in the survival of gorillas and other endangered species by educating ourselves and our children and by taking positive action to protect the environment.

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To Whom It May Concern:
I am a gorilla, you may be surprised to learn
And, although my words may bite and burn
With this letter, your respect I hope to earn
Silverback Jeremy is a mountain gorilla who lives in Africa. If he could write us a letter, what do you think he would say?
Discover why the mountain gorilla has become critically endangered and learn what we can do to protect these noble animals in this beautifully illustrated rhyming story for ages 5+.

FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm

FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm by [John C Hill]

Tales about animals, their ways of living, and their characters are always fascinating to me. In the book FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm, John C. Hill writes about a group of foxes and how they live. He narrates their adventures, the challenges they go through and the love they have for each other. One can almost visualize the foxes in their habitat when the author writes about them. I like that the author made the animals adapt some human characteristics. By doing this, he gets the reader to reflect on some traits human beings have and how they affect those that they live with.

This is an impassioned and thought-provoking work of literary fiction. The story is engaging and easy to follow and, rarely if ever do I mention the wording of a novel but, the diction here is excellent. FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm is the kind of book you would read and share with others as the stories are not only engaging, but also fun and funny. John C. Hill’s is accessible, I think, to different groups of readers; avid readers will appreciate the captivating narration, young readers will surely be enthralled with the animals, and literature enthusiasts will appreciate the subtle but profound depth of this book.

There are several themes and lessons that are explored in fascinating ways throughout the book. Major themes include family love, loyalty, dealing with foes, working hard, the power in unity and choosing one’s battles. Lessons on being the best version of yourself, honesty and being mindful of what you do are also displayed in the book in fresh ways.

FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm is a short read that could easily be completed in one sitting, but is nonetheless entertaining. FoxHide: From HillCountry Farm introduces readers to some compelling animal characters that find themselves in some humorous situations on a farm that any reader will enjoy.

Pages: 99 | ASIN: B08WCGTC98

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A Letter from a Gorilla

This creative children’s rhyming book explains the perils that gorillas face in the wild. The narration is provided through a letter written by Silverback Jeremy, a mountain gorilla that pens a letter to humans in hopes of educating them on all the man-made challenges that gorillas face.

A Letter from a Gorilla, while cute, tells a very serious story. This story explains, in very simple terms, how gorillas face extinction and shows the different ways that man is endangering them. What I really liked about this story was that it went beyond stating the ways that their species are at peril and provides different ways for people to change and take action to protect these majestic creatures that, as we learn through the story, are much like us.

The beautiful illustrations really drive the points home with some vivid, dramatic, and well-drawn imagery. The language is easy for children to understand, but I think the book should be read with adults as this book provides plenty to talk about afterwards. This picture book provides readers with a sad but very important story that is perfect for teachers to add to their curriculum about primates, endangered animals, and how our actions affect nature.

Pages: 32 | ISBN: 1916184855

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A New Social Issue

Lisa Jacovsky
Lisa Jacovsky Author Interview

Let’s Talk! Going to the Zoo educates readers on how fun the zoo is along with what autism is and what that means. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration was really my own real life experiences. I have a passion and connection with animals. I thought it would be great to use that in the story and show that little ones do not have to be held back by Autism. If they want to go to the zoo, their family should take them. I felt it would really show how little ones with Autism would be able to enjoy this type of experience.

What were some key ideas you wanted to share in this book that were different from book one?

I wanted to show a new social issue that little ones not just with Autism, but in general face. Also, to show little ones how to overcome that kind of an issue. That is why I wanted to put the idea of a group of bullies in. Then having a little one realize that Harper is right and see the beauty in Autism would add to Autism being something positive. I also wanted to show different cultures and that is why each character is a different ethnicity. I really want my books to focus on diversity not only in disability but in culture and ethnicity. Having different themes represented I think is so important because if you look at the current repertoire of children’s books, which I did recently, each character was a boy. Girls are rarely represented. And the majority of books showcase a Caucasian character. Diversity, culture as well as disability is very under represented and I want to break that pattern.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

Strength. I want little ones to realize they are strong and can stand up to that bully. To see they are strong and do not have to hide their disability but proud of it. To be strong about wanting to go new places and try new things. Determination and strength is so important for our children to see represented. I want children to see themselves in my books and gain determination and strength and confidence. If I can do that, then my series has reached its goal.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have written a new series actually. I wrote and put it out there first as a short story and changed my mind. I will be starting the publication process in November of this year for the Rascal Cat Brothers part 1. Which is a story of the silly shenanigans my two cats get into. I am not forgetting about the Lets Talk! Series though, book 3 is done and will go into production early next year, stay tuned!!

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Harper and Emma are two best friends who first met at the pool in the summer. Emma has Autism which affects her speech, but she does not let it slow her down. She has a different way to communicate. Harper learned about Autism and how to communicate with her new best friend. Now the girls are getting ready to go to the zoo for the first time. What animals do you think they will see?

While enjoying the animals Emma becomes excited and flaps her hands, making noises. A group of children come over and begin to point and stare. What do you think Harper does when she sees this group being not nice to her friend? Come find out when you read the next book in the Lets Talk! Series.

Tales From The Mud Hole, Why Pigs Are My Friends

Tales From The Mud Hole, Why Pigs Are My Friends by [Vally Mulford]

Tales From the Mud Hole, Why Pigs are My Friends by Vally Mulford is a non-fiction book that shares the often overlooked good qualities of pigs. It is filled with stories about the pigs that Vally has known through out his life, from Suzy the sow and her litter of piglets when he was a young boy to the hogs at Loa Yorkshire Farms. After growing up on his family’s farm in Wayne County Utah, Vally returns to his home town a short time after he graduates from college to accept a job as the manager of a hog farm. Not feeling quite qualified for the job, his hope and optimism is soon met with the realities of life.

This was a fun and interesting memoir to read, where the author shows pigs as the special and unique animals they are. I liked the easy tone and flow of the narrative. It felt very conversational, almost as though a family member or friend was retelling various experiences about their life to the reader. My favorite stories were the ones about the baby pigs. I enjoyed reading the descriptions of the piglets’ antics and adventures. Many of the stories were humorous as Vally described his struggles to get the giant hogs to do what he wanted them to do, when they outweighed him by more than one hundred pounds. I liked that the author dedicated this book to the pigs and other animals that have been a part of his life. I enjoyed the author’s use of metaphors, especially in the introduction, attributing elements of the winter storm to the difficulties he faced. One theme that was repeated through out this book was trying something new despite the possibility of failing.

I appreciated how the novel didn’t shy away from more somber moments, like when an animal was sick or died, or when the market hogs were sent to slaughter. Sad, but true, and kept the story feeling authentic. I would not have been able to make the kinds of decisions that Vally was forced to make, especially deciding which hogs would live or die. While I enjoyed the memoir heartily, I would have liked to have had a little bit more detail about how the relationship between Vally and his future wife, Julie, developed. As I thought this was interesting and I would have loved to have heard more about it.

Tales From the Mud Hole, Why Pigs are My Friends is a fascinating memoir that shows you pigs in a new light. The tone was conversational, and the anecdotes were insightful and intriguing. If you’re looking for a vivid look at an interesting but relatable life, then this extraordinary memoir is for you.

Pages: 205 | ASIN: B08WCBWPZS

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Let’s Talk! Going to the Zoo

Let's Talk! Going to the Zoo by [Lisa Jacovsky, Blueberry Illustrations]

Let’s Talk! Going to the Zoo is a wonderfully educational children’s picture book that provides several different valuable life lessons all in one lively story. Going to the Zoo follows two friends, Harper and Emma, that take their first trip to the zoo. They are so excited to go that they imagine what it would be like. When they actually go to the zoo, it it is better than they imagined, but there is a group of mean kids there that are making fun of Emma because she has autism. Harper must stand up to the mean kids and educate them, and readers, on autism and what it really means.

Author Lisa Jacovsky provides readers with another wonderful opportunity to learn about autism through a normal activity, like going to the zoo. This book will serve to educate children in two ways; what the zoo is and how fun it can be, and teach them about autism and how autistic people act. Switching between these two topics in the book created a uniquely enlightening experience. Standing up for your friends and being nice to one another are fantastic values that are shown throughout this story, and are accompanied by vibrant pastel graphic art on every other page.

Let’s Talk! Going to the Zoo promotes acceptance, inclusivity and diversity by being very open and honest about what is happening. This children’s book should be read along with an adult as some of the words are advanced, but the beautiful illustrations will surely keep children’s attention while reading.

Pages: 15 | ASIN: B092MXQ1B2

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Journey Home – A Cat’s Tale

Journey Home – A Cat’s Tale by Russell H. Plante is a beautiful, endearing story of a cat’s adventures to find its own path in life. Patches’ story begins at a small house where he lives with his mom. When his owners begin to deal with some serious economic drawbacks, he’s kicked out, forced to live as a stray cat, alone. In the streets, Patches learns a lot in a considerably short period of time. He makes some friends that are compassionate enough to help him out and accompany him, softening the sometimes harsh reality of living as a homeless cat: dogs, rats, birds and other cats, all of them bring a new sense of joy to Patches’ life, helping him to understand the meaning and beauty of it. All of these animals are presented as the most charming and delightful characters, it is entertaining meeting them and getting to appreciate each of their personalities.

Journey Home – A Cat’s Tale is an easy flowing and beautiful tale. Patches’ story is incredibly moving and endearing. The writing style is excellent, descriptive and entertaining. The story is told from Patches’ point of view, and the way it’s written makes it seem realistic. The many animals introduced feel like real people, they have emotions and deal with the crude realities that all of us have to face sometimes in our lives. They also have fun, support one another, and show what real friendship looks like.

The best part of this book were the life lessons shared through Patches’ storyline. This is a simple story that encompasses the meaning and beauty of life in an enjoyable way. Based on a real life story, readers will experience how difficult the life of a stray animal can be: finding food, shelter, making new friends, surviving and defending one’s life; all of it is presented in a very creative and engaging way. Even though the stories told are those of animals, readers of the book will also be able to relate to most of them, since these are universal life stories. All of the lessons that Patches’ is taught and the things that he reflects on, are things that we all deal with in our own lives and need to understand to have a better grasp of life as a whole, with its many intricacies and meanings.

This is a fascinating book with a thought-provoking story line that brilliantly portrays life, friendship and love. It is dedicated to those animals that are also our companions and can become a meaningful part of our family. This is a quick but engaging read that is filled with many life lessons that will remain with readers long after they put the book away.

Pages: 158 | ASIN: B01C83IQ0W

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