Her Secret Shocked Me

J. E. London
J. E. London Author Interview

The Women’s Meeting follows a doctor who facilitates a women’s meeting and is slowly pulled into her dark past as the women reveal their past traumas. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I was inspired to write this book after a close friend revealed that she has endured domestic violence for the past twelve years. Her secret shocked me. I realized then that we all have split personalities. We show one face to the public and only reveal the other face in private or when necessary.

The characters in your book are intriguing and well developed. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I just wanted the characters to feel real, and I wanted the readers to connect with them in a way that elicits compassion and understanding. Sometimes it’s easy to say what we would do, or how we would not remain in a relationship with domestic abuse. But, as I wrote, sometimes all you can do is live the best way you know how. Unfortunately, not all of us know how to turn our lemons into lemon pie.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The primary theme is of the reality of domestic abuse, and how it remains one of the best kept secrets behind many doors in our society.

Secondly, I wanted to address how abuse affects one’s livelihood regardless of whether you’re the abused one or a by-stander. Violence has a way of seeping through the pores of one’s skin and affect how we think, feel, live, and survive in a world of fear.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have published a book since this one entitled, Abigail Henley, A Southern Tragedy. Initially, this book takes us back to a time in history that many of us long to forget. But, unfortunately, the reality of racial discrimination and police bias is still a real problem in our justice system. You cannot fix a problem that you don’t admit exists.

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When Dr. Angela Morrison agrees to facilitate the women’s meeting at her church, she discovers the women’s shocking traumas are more than she bargained for. As she analyzes the intricate life-style situations of four women, she is lured into the horrors of her own past.
Anita, the pastor’s wife, lives a fantasy created by her parents, her husband, and the congregation. She is a character in a play, and her husband is the director. Unlike the theater, the action is real, the beatings are real, and her fear is real.
Ernestine Johnson is a woman driven by her quest for love. At the age of ten, her world is turned upside down when her father goes to prison, and her mother becomes a drug addict. To survive, she quickly learns the value of her body and before long she knows how to get whatever she wants except love.
Toni Brown is a woman trapped by hate and vengeance, and she is determined to punish the man who stole her life. Trapped in a basement for three years where she is raped, beaten, and tortured until she is totally defeated.
Candace Carter, the youngest of the four women, is trapped in a world of sex, pornography, and prostitution. Abandoned, molested and abused from the age of five, she is vulnerable to manipulation, and there is one man all too eager to exploit her to death.
Eventually, all the women, including Dr. Morrison, confront the horrors of their truths, but not all of them survive their realities.

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