All 48

All 48 : Drive Your Dreams by William and Jessica Hollingworth is a refreshing true story that follows two kids that make an uneasy transition into parenthood and adulthood. This is an inspiring memoir detailing the journey these two people take starting in high school. From college, to work, to traveling throughout the United States, including both the dark times and happy times, what readers will find in the end is exactly what William and Jessica found; a passion for life.

While this is a story of both William and Jessica, the book is narrated from William’s perspective and shows readers how both made their way through the obstacles of life. Considering how massive the U.S. is it is quite an accomplishment to travel as extensively as they did. I live in the U.S. and can’t imagine accomplishing that much travel. They start as two middle class teens with a kid, travelling, achieving their dreams and overcoming obstacles. It is all uplifting and stirring.

The authors have done their research and included so many lists and routes that another traveler can take! It is so exciting! And honestly, I am saving those lists for myself because as someone who has always dreamt of traveling, I would love to just spend two months on the roads William, Jessica and Colt experienced; even the ditch that William jumped into, not knowing that he could have walked, crossing from one state to another. I strive for such a thrill, and it was wonderful to follow their journey. All 48 is not only a guide to first time travelers, it is also a push for those scared to take that first step. This book is so much more than a travelogue, it also shows the how and the why of it all, making this an engaging memoir about a lifelong road-trip.

“If we were haunted by second thoughts the night prior, this sense of appreciation and wonder is what thirds are made of.”

This was my favorite line. For William and Jessica, it was their journey into the unknown of the traveler’s life, but it can easily be applied to anything in life. I really loved this because it certainly reminded me of my own goals that I wanted to achieve.

All 48 : Drive Your Dreams will motivate readers to live their dreams. This is an exceptional memoir that I would highly recommend to readers looking for a well-crafted, charismatic, and insightful journey.

Pages: 130 | ASIN: 1667800159

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