Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink: Zadok Series by [Nikki Minty, Indicreates Indiana Maria Acosta Hernandez, Cissell Ink Amy Cissell and Christopher Barnes]

Pastel Pink is the first book in Nikki Minty’s young adult fantasy series. Sci-fi enthusiast Harlow, from the planet Zadok, remembers her past life as Ruby, a human living on Earth, and her murder. Harlow, a pink Zeek, is the weakest of her race on the planet of Zadok, which is divided into four races: Vallon, Rukes, Drakes, and Zeeks, and has a color-superior cast system. However, she is no less significant: she is now receiving attention from the upper-class people at Zeeks, the purples. The reason is as big a mystery to her as to the reader. With her life on Earth and life in Zadok, her conflicting feelings, and her relationship with her race’s enemy in Zadok, the vallons, Harlow’s destiny is putting her on a perilous path.

In Pastel Pink, Harlow and Floss, and Lucas and Alex, both human and non-human twin characters, represent the faces of two coins in their antithetical traits. Humans, as shown by these damaged characters, who lack parental care and love, and always have the option of acting empathetically or degradingly. Also seen in the book is Krista’s attitude and conduct, which represents a woman who has surrendered to a toxic husband and an intolerant society. For fear of stigma, she is willing to break the unthinkable laws of society in private rather than stand up against the toxicity.

I find the concept of the coexistence of two planets, with some Zadok residents being able to live dual lives, intriguing and refreshing. With the unique characteristics of each of the races on Zadok, according to their names, readers will certainly appreciate the author’s imagination. I also enjoyed seeing the rarely-seen sisterly affection between Harlow and floss, where they provide one another with services in exchange for what they are each seeking. As on Earth, Zadok’s color system mimics the racism that still determines people’s position of worth in many areas. However, Zadok comes off better than earth in that two girls dating each other doesn’t seem to be an issue there. One cannot help but ponder Harlow’s statement that Floss never mistreated her because of her color before she started school.

While I enjoyed the story, I would have enjoyed more inclusion of other inhabitants of Zadok in Book 1, besides the Zeeks and humans. I felt that it would have been interesting to have some scenes swapped with more information about Zadok’s life. But in the end I’m just glad that this is the start of a series as I feel like there is so much more to explore and I can’t wait to get to it.

Pastel Pink is an imaginative fairy tale fantasy that intelligently combines mystery, action, and romance into a compelling story that fans of young adult novels will devour. This is a captivating fantasy novel with subtle but deep social commentary and a storyline that is captivating and highly entertaining.

Pages: 381 | ASIN: B08T1HC81S

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