The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall is a paranormal thriller that uniquely combines military fiction with supernatural elements. The book’s narrative follows Captain Thomas Jett, a U.S. Army Reservist, who volunteers to go to Afghanistan on a tour of duty. He’s assigned the mission of solving a mass murder that occurred in Kandahar. Despite familiar real-life enemies, such as the Taliban, being present in this story, the reality of what entity caused this tragic event seems to be much more mysterious and otherworldly. The author creates a very realistic and gritty landscape of modern warfare with intriguing mystical and nightmarish elements- the detail of which is truly captivating. From the sleepy buildup of Jett first arriving in Afghanistan to the eruption of the epic final battle, this book is a page-turner that will pique the interest of anyone who enjoys paranormal stories in a unique setting.

The best elements of this riveting novel for me were the pacing and the level of detail. The story was incredibly well structured which ensured that I always knew what was going on and why. Every conflict was presented carefully and meticulously. I often find that war focused stories tend to rush into conflict, as perhaps the author believes that is the only thing the reader is interested in. But with Scott Petty’s sharp writing, the large amounts of background detail and buildup made the world feel authentic and the story was engrossing because of it.

Similarly, the amount of detail and description given made every branch of the story seem so realistic. As the context of the story is a very real and serious conflict, I appreciated that the author dedicated extra attention to fleshing out all the characters and setting in the story. Despite the paranormal aspects, readers will be able to appreciate the real and raw experiences that service members experienced over there. I liked how the details were in no way rose-tinted or glorified. They were gritty and profound and painted an authentic portrayal of warfare.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Fourth Wall and how the author crafted the description and themes so effectively. Blending accurate combat in an exotic setting with intriguing paranormal elements makes this one of the more surreal supernatural thriller’s I’ve read in a long time.

Pages: 354 | ISBN: 1639881174

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