The Hole Story

What is a hole? Is it just an empty space, or is it something more? The Hole Story takes children on an adventure exploring all the different holes there are in the world around them. Everything from holes in nature, to their home, to even their clothes and body. This picture book gives kids a lot to think about and teaches them to look beyond the surface of the things they do see.

Children are inquisitive and finding a hole outside to explore is a great adventure. Author Lori Croy has written this picture book with the curious nature of children in mind. She takes children on a tour of the obvious holes like in a tree or in the ground and then goes further like a puddle, even a hole in your sock. The simple language and fun examples that go beyond the ordinary will keep children engaged in the story.

The colorful illustrations by Katelynn Hoefelman bring this highly original storybook to life. The artwork does not just tell the story but encourages children to explore the world on the pages and find examples in their own world. The combination of artwork and narrative will give teachers and parents a lot of openings to discuss ideas.

The Hole Story is a fun play on words, as it is meant to be the whole story on holes. Teachers will love having this creative picture book in the classroom and parents will love having it to read at home where they can use it to point out different holes in their own home. This engaging story will take children on an adventure to see that holes are more than just an empty space in life. Reading this clever picture book will delight children in early elementary grades as they discover the amazing world of holes.

Pages: 26 | ISBN : 1098359623

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