Chesapeake Nursery Rhyme

It’s a beautiful day on the Chesapeake Bay. Emmett the Rockfish is ready to play and hang out with all his friends that live around the bay. A blue heron, otters, a turtle, seahorses, a bald eagle, beavers, a snowy egret, blue crabs, and an osprey are all on their way to join Emmett for a day at the beach. Each animal in this whimsical nursery rhyme has a personality, and author Kay Swann-Gregor gives simple facts that fit into the story for each one.

Readers will learn about life in the watershed of the Chesapeake Bay from this beautifully written picture book. Elissa DiRenzo’s charismatic illustrations will draw children in and give those reading lots of creatures to point out and find on each page. All the animals look inviting and friendly, encouraging young readers to know more about them. Kay Swann-Gregor’s writing style flows flawlessly, making this an enjoyable story to read aloud.

Readers young and old will find excitement as the animals one by one gather together for their day of fun and play. The adventure builds with each new animal that joins the party. This imaginative nursery rhyme shows the diversity of the Chesapeake Bay environment. Readers will see how the expansive environment ranging from birds in the sky to animals that live in and around the water, all work together.

Chesapeake Nursery Rhyme will give readers from the bay area fond memories of nostalgia. Readers who have never been to this beautiful location will learn all about all the wonders that live in and around the bay. Teachers will find this a helpful picture book for preschool and kindergarten students to introduce different animals in the area. This is a great teaching tool for children in the second and third grades to introduce ecosystems around the Chesapeake Bay.

Pages: 24 | ASIN : B08N61XZV3

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