Andi’s Valentine Tree

Andi loves to dance; all they can think about is ballet and dance class. Going to school is not fun; their classmates pick on them. Andi has two friends that they count on to make them smile, their squirrel named Lou and a unique tree that they name Gloriana. This tree comes alive for Andi, watching them dance each day. One day the school bullies follow Andi and try to hurt them. Gloriana moves her branches and protects Andi. The bullies yell that if Andi loves the tree so much, the tree can be their Valentine. When Valentines Day comes, Gloriana has a special surprise for Andi and their classmates.

Once Upon a Dance is a mother-daughter team that has created the Dance-It-Out series. This unique children’s book is more than just a cute story. It is choreographed with dance movements that children can do as they read through the story. There are beautiful photographs of each pose, and the story explains the movement’s name and how to do it as part of the narrative. The dance lessons are integrated right into the story. Even beginner dance students can pick up the basics by following along in this magical story. Emilia Rumińska breathtaking illustrations will draw readers in, while the photographs of Ballerina Kornora make the poses look easy.

Aside from the dance movement, this story tackles challenging topics like bullying, inclusion, and self-worth for younger children. Written for three to nine-year-olds, the topics are covered in a gentle manner that younger kids can understand. The authors did a great job explaining how Andi felt at school, and what they could do to feel better when they are lonely and anxious.

Andi’s Valentine Tree: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers is an inspiring story put together in a uniquely creative way. The dance lessons and heartwarming story will make this children’s book appealing to a wide variety of readers.

Pages: 44 | ASIN : B09QS9QVT4

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