The Advent of Dreamtech

The Advent of Dreamtech is the first book of the Dreamworms Trilogy by Isaac Petrov, and it serves as a solid introduction for Earth in the year 2515. The protagonist of the story is Ximena, a young historian who is attending the lectures of the renowned Professor Miyagi. The studies center around humanity and its status in the year 2399, when the planet was gripped by a disease similar to our dementia but seemed to attack younger and younger individuals until society decided to begin culling humans at age 27 to avoid the disease’s spread. A young woman named Edda sought to effect change, but she needed help from an unlikely source.

This original story establishes a world and series of events that are easy to follow and quite entertaining. There are several areas of conflict to build on, giving readers multiple storylines to follow and the author to build on. One of the secondary conflicts is between the two schools of historians. The opposing views will give readers plenty to think about and draw them further into this intense world that Petrov has created. Another secondary plotline is the intriguing story of Miyagi’s interest in the character Ximena.

The main storyline and source of drama and tension follow Edda, the heroine of 2399, and her efforts to overthrow the system that kills everyone to avoid the disease. Not satisfied with the prospect of killing off all life once they reach twenty-seven. Edda questions why things are still being done the way they are and if it is still in Earth’s best interest.

This novel really excels in how the historical story of Earth is told, allowing viewers to see and feel what the historical figures are doing and feeling. In addition, they use dream technology that enables them to cover much more time than it would typically take, and they can even see the dreams of their subjects!

The Advent of Dreamtech: A Post-Apocalytic First Contact Epic (The DREAMWORMS Trilogy Book 1) is a riveting science fiction novel with mystery and suspense. Readers of sci-fi, fantasy, and apocalyptical fiction will find this thrilling novel a great read.

Pages: 349 | ASIN : B091PZXBNW

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