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Saving Mathis

Saving Mathis is the second installment in the Cyborg Reborn series, which follows the story of Mathis, the head medic on a cyborg ship called Freedom. His past is riddled with the trauma inflicted upon him by humans over many centuries. However, despite this horrendous mistreatment from the Human Alliance, Mathis vows never to harm a human or any species considered weaker than cyborgs. Instead, he practices healing and strives for a life of peace after having escaped his ruthless captors.

Mathis adapts to life on the Freedom ship. He enjoys an existence without human contact until an unexpected event involves the rescue of a dozen human survivors from another ship, where they were held captive and impregnated by an alien species. This development poses a risk to the lives of twelve vulnerable humans saved from the Vesperian ship, and there is also a shift in priorities. Mathis’ focus quickly shifts to these women, who hold no power or future in this cold, robotic world of cyborgs and patriarchal rule. Without any memory of the traumatic events before the rescue, Tara, one of the twelve women, must rely on Mathis and his assurance of her safety, despite an uncertain life where women have few rights.

Throughout the book, the author reels readers in with vivid imagery, electric action, and a palpable feeling of dread, all while delving into the developing relationship between Mathis and Tara. Tara adjusts to a new world after waking from a coma and finds herself helpless and unlikely to survive. She must navigate her feelings and strategize how to live in this new world. I found her journey to be so compelling. Readers will find her endearing but capable and this dichotomy is explored in interesting ways in the story. As a survivor of human cruelty, Mathis, too, must find peace in this new life and decide if he can trust again. He is a character that has surprising depth and I found myself paying very close attention when he was on the page because I was deeply intrigued by his personality.

Saving Mathis offers a riveting sci-fi tale of survival and perseverance in a futuristic world where darkness and inequality reign, but a glimmer of hope shines through from the unlikeliest of species. Denna Holm’s writing is sharp and engaging, ensuring readers quickly lose themselves in this epic science fiction drama. Saving Mathis is a fantastic cyberpunk space opera that delivers some thought-provoking ideas in an entertaining story.

Pages: 353 | ASIN: B09VK943KN

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Fall of Titan

H. G. Ahedi’s novel Fall of Titan is the beginning of a sci-fi epic mostly taking place within range of the perimeter, a shield built by the spacefaring humans near Saturn to protect Earth. Constructed after, a comet named Nemesis impacts Earth and decimates the population.

The perimeter is the location where humanity makes violent first contact with an alien species dubbed the Orias. However, this becomes a much-needed shield when the humans realize the extent and power of the Orias fleet.

The space station Titan watches over the perimeter, and while the command crew faces the political ramifications caused by the appearance of the Orias, Emmeline, a young astrophysicist, strikes out with her friend, Delta, to unlock the secrets of a mysterious plaque handed down through generations in her family.

Author Ahedi immediately thrusts the reader into the action, instantly capturing the reader’s attention. Even though the book starts off with a bang, I felt it was hard to follow all of the characters’ names that the reader is introduced to within the first few pages. However, once past the opening chapter or two, the book’s pace does slow down and becomes a smoother read.

The author has created a compelling plot filled with tension as we follow Emmeline’s quest to unlock the plaque’s mysteries. This quest forms the centerpiece of the novel. The author seamlessly transitions from different character perspectives during the events on Titan station, allowing the reader to understand the emotions and thoughts of each character. Some you will be rooting for, and others not so much. H.G. Ahedi manages to fit a lot into only a few hundred pages, and all of it drives the plot forwards to its culmination in an explosive ending that does leave you wanting to know what happens next.

Fall of Titan is an epic science fiction novel with paranormal fantasy elements that keep readers on edge. This first contact series takes off with a compelling mystery taking the protagonist and readers on an adventure with lots of action as different races battle for dominance in the galaxy.

Pages: 295 | ASIN : B085BPMPWN

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To Those We Found

To Those We Found by George Ander is a science fiction book based in a completely different galaxy. Instead of having features like tentacles and an exoskeleton, the aliens have the same physical construction as humans. This captivating story has been told from the viewpoint of an alien competing for the position of a champion; the winner will represent their planet in other solar systems.

The protagonist of the story, Taman Yedder, is selected by a random lottery to represent his world to the whole universe. He reaches the destination but finds himself trapped in a desolate hospital with the doctor forcing him to stay there. After a scuffle, he escapes the hospital and begins exploring this mother world he is supposed to prepare a report about.

Through the journey and thoughts of Taman, readers will explore his world. The historical evidence and the leaders’ talks are contradictory, and Taman begins his search for truth. However, his investigation leads him to deep and dark secrets which no one wants to hear about. He also explores his sexuality and begins to question the reason for his sacrifices. The leadership doesn’t want anyone to know things Taman has started asking.

The author explores many human world problems like religion, politics, economy, sexual identity, and technology through the alien world. The characters and their responses are eerily human but being in a different world creates an estrangement with the readers. This book is a deep dive into the psychology and philosophy of the human mind. I felt that, at times, the author’s explanation of the psychology of humans was lost in the story’s narrative or just confusing to understand. The cultural hegemony of our world has been shown, and capitalism has been questioned. The protagonist is an outsider, enabling him to question and look at these from a fresh perspective rather than blindly follow them. This book is fiction wrapped in ideological and realistic problems that plague our world.

The author brings out a lot of contemporary issues through the story. I liked the subtle yet firm way the author establishes the parallel between our world and this fictional world. The writing style is captivating, and the plot engages with enough dialogues and actions. So many contemporary and chronic issues of our world have been represented without any solution.

To Those, We Found is a riveting young adult science fiction novel for teens who want to read action-filled and engaging plots and for people who want a philosophical look at the world in their readings.

Pages: 389 | ASIN : B09MNS6J4V

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Threatened By An Advanced Race

Michael J. Farlow Author Interview

Dark Enemy follows the Earth’s space force leader as he tries to unify the allied forces while fighting politicians back on Earth. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The idea for the start of the series was the question: What would you do if you learned that the Earth was threatened by an advanced race while at the same time finding a source of advanced technology? Add that the person finding this out was at a point in his life when he was seeking simplicity.

Did you create an outline for the characters in the story before you started writing, or did the characters’ personalities grow organically as you were writing?

I had an idea about the main character, Van Childs, but the rest introduced themselves over time. In fact, the characters dictated the story. I planned to stop at the third book, but the characters said no and took me to a fifth, Dark Enemy.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The reluctance of Van Childs to get involved. The lack of the technical skills on Earth to reproduce the technology of the Host in a timely manner. And the fight of greed over the need to survive.

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

The next book is called Crucible and is the beginning of a new series called Records of the Argos. Crucible is available now. After that will come Retribution which will be available in July or August of 2022.

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Dark Enemy, Book 5 in the Host Saga, is a fast-paced, action-packed science fiction story that features a phenomenal inter-galactic conflict and great characters. The Van Childs who reluctantly became a beacon of hope for the people of Earth early in the series has changed. He is now a man who is sure of himself and knows that his responsibilities. Now that there is a bigger threat than ever from the Arkon, he knows the pressure is on him ten-fold. Is he going to make this work? Can he handle the responsibility of humanity’s survival? Read and see!

Alien Orders

Air Force Captain Scott Ryan’s whole life changed when he spotted a mysterious craft over the night skies of the Utah desert. Alien Orders: A Science Fiction Novel is the story of a man who seeks the truth and refuses to let that truth be hidden from the human race. Fighting his way through devious government cover-ups and perilous alien subterfuge, Captain Ryan is a man on a mission–and that mission is to thwart an otherworldly threat to mankind. With the unlikely help of conspiracy theorists, dedicated military personnel, tenacious detectives, and a mysterious woman, Captain Ryan finds himself plunged into a battle for the fate of humanity.

Author Johnnie West’s Alien Orders is an old-school science fiction tale shrouded in a twisting conspiracy plot. Captain Ryan teams up with his fellow pilot, Captain Jeff Johnson, to chase down leads and investigate their strange sightings in the Utah desert. Encountering a large cast of characters, the two friends must figure out who is friend or foe as they navigate an alien plot and confront the power-hungry humans who aid them. 

Alien Orders is a quick and satisfying read with prose that is simple and straightforward. The story is more reported to the reader than experienced, which works for the blunt, military-style of writing. Chapters fly by, with action and tension rising and falling like a steady tide. After the mid-way point in the novel, the pace really speeds up. Side characters and sub-antagonists rapidly come in and out of the story offering solutions to problems and moving the storyline along. I felt that more dialog would have helped flesh out the characters. However, the overall story is tightly woven and still full of surprising twists.

Alien Orders: A Science Fiction Novel is a fantastically thrilling science fiction story. The action and drama will keep readers engaged and working right along with the characters to solve the mystery. To anyone who enjoys government cover-up stories about aliens among us, this is the book for you.

Pages: 209 | ASIN : B09PHG1QG6

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Something Fun To Write About

Isaac Petrov Author Interview

Advent of Dreamtech follows a young woman that wants to change how humans live in a post alien contact world. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

My main inspiration was a short story I wrote when I was a kid: a little boy, unhappy, alone, with only his dreams as an escape of harsh reality. He eventually learns to control his dreams, and then enter the dreams of others. Never really wrote the end, but when I was thinking about something fun to write about for my debut novel, this old story was very present in my mind. The character of Edda wants to change things and faces a lot of challenges.

What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I wanted to explore the accumulation of power, and how it changes the individual. Edda’s journey through the trilogy is a prime example. Her hunger for power is only instrumental to achieve her real end, which makes her quite special.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The one theme that permeates the trilogy is the impact on our survival as a species on the struggle between truth and propaganda.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Book 3, the last of the trilogy, is already in the oven. Should be out, warm and delicious by April 2022.

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Civilization has long collapsed—the legacy of an inescapable disease. Only a faction adapted to lifespans of a mere twenty-seven years, spreading into the global rural utopia known as Goah’s Gift. A happy society, oblivious to its own fragility.


Welcome to the history seminar of Professor Miyagi of the University of Lunteren-Deviss. Using the latest twenty-sixth century dream sensorial technology, you and your fellow students are about to dive deep into the momentous events when doom was playing dice with humanity.


This is the story of a badass woman that meets an alien deep in her dreams. An alien with an agenda.

This is the story of a world-shaking religious revolution. In a deeply religious world.

This is the story of DREAMTECH, and the impact of alien technology on a dying human world.

The Advent of Dreamtech

The Advent of Dreamtech is the first book of the Dreamworms Trilogy by Isaac Petrov, and it serves as a solid introduction for Earth in the year 2515. The protagonist of the story is Ximena, a young historian who is attending the lectures of the renowned Professor Miyagi. The studies center around humanity and its status in the year 2399, when the planet was gripped by a disease similar to our dementia but seemed to attack younger and younger individuals until society decided to begin culling humans at age 27 to avoid the disease’s spread. A young woman named Edda sought to effect change, but she needed help from an unlikely source.

This original story establishes a world and series of events that are easy to follow and quite entertaining. There are several areas of conflict to build on, giving readers multiple storylines to follow and the author to build on. One of the secondary conflicts is between the two schools of historians. The opposing views will give readers plenty to think about and draw them further into this intense world that Petrov has created. Another secondary plotline is the intriguing story of Miyagi’s interest in the character Ximena.

The main storyline and source of drama and tension follow Edda, the heroine of 2399, and her efforts to overthrow the system that kills everyone to avoid the disease. Not satisfied with the prospect of killing off all life once they reach twenty-seven. Edda questions why things are still being done the way they are and if it is still in Earth’s best interest.

This novel really excels in how the historical story of Earth is told, allowing viewers to see and feel what the historical figures are doing and feeling. In addition, they use dream technology that enables them to cover much more time than it would typically take, and they can even see the dreams of their subjects!

The Advent of Dreamtech: A Post-Apocalytic First Contact Epic (The DREAMWORMS Trilogy Book 1) is a riveting science fiction novel with mystery and suspense. Readers of sci-fi, fantasy, and apocalyptical fiction will find this thrilling novel a great read.

Pages: 349 | ASIN : B091PZXBNW

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The King of Gems

The King of Gems by [Jim Cronin]

The King of Gems, by Jim Cronin, is a science fiction/fantasy hybrid that brings together the world of advanced fantasy VR gameplay and aliens from far-off star systems. Set in the distant future, this novel focuses on Dr. Anthony Kennan, an astrophysicist working in isolation on a research base in space.

With only an android named HAL as a companion, Dr. Kennan has maintained his sanity on the research base by advancing to the highest level in a popular fantasy VR game called King of Gems. However, things take a turn when he discovers a fleet of alien species somehow downloaded themselves into the game by accident. Kennan must decide whether he is to help these strange beings or leave them to fend for themselves in this dangerous game.

Jim Cronin certainly knows how to to write deeply thoughtful science fiction while taking contemporary ideas to their extreme. The author knows how to end a chapter as well, leaving readers wanting more and making it very hard to find a good spot to put this book down. The ending to the novel was satisfying as well while still leaving just enough for the possibility of a follow up book in the future.

This is a fast-paced story, especially in the beginning, but that does not necessarily mean it is filled with action. This is a weighty story that plays with some interesting ideas in fun ways. There is a lot going on and it feels like the author wastes no time in getting the information and ideas out so he can tell a very compelling, and expansive, sci-fi story.

I’ve come to appreciate the depth that Jim Cronin novels usually have. This is an adventure story with something to say. I think the reference to Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons in the books blurb is fairly accurate. With cerebral ideas underlying this story, much like Star Trek, combined with the sheer joy you get out of a well played Dungeons and Dragons game come together in this engrossing novel.

The King of Gems is a well paced story that is intellectually invigorating. With rarely a dull moment readers will be pulled into this epic fantasy saga that is equal amounts fun and interesting.

Pages: 320 | ASIN: B09N9NBCRG

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